Mortgage Agent Resume Sample [+Achievements, Skills]

Updated on: November 7, 2022
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In your resume for a mortgage agent position, focus on your skills and experience in originating, underwriting, and servicing loan procedures for clients.

Previous accomplishments to show that you are a good mortgage agent should also be made part of your resume.

Besides that, mention your eagerness to reach sales goals and experience in working with clients over the phone and in person.

Going through the following sample will assist you in writing your mortgage agent resume:

Mortgage Agent Resume Sample

Thomas Booker
88 Olympia Road
Provo, UT58371
(00) 219-3789

Experienced Mortgage Agent, with an excellent grasp of mortgage concepts, requirements, and standards. Ability to determine clients’ backgrounds to ensure appropriate loan handouts. Expert in working with various lenders and buyers to determine the best deals for all clients. Able to act as an intermediary between lenders and buyers.

• Sales Goal Management • Paperwork Handling
• Market Assessment • Legal Explanations
• System Improvement • Prospective Client Contact
• Repayment Risk Calculation • Collection Monitoring
• Variance Identification • Problem Resolution
• Background Checking • Follow-up

• Successfully passed 100+ loans, with a 100% payback confirmation.
• Implemented a defaulter follow-up system, hence, recovering 25% of outstanding payments.
• Introduced a market assessment system, as a result, increased evaluation efficiency by 35%.


Mortgage Agent
ROC Capital Holdings, Provo, UT
Sep 2014 – Present
• Cultivate business opportunities to seek out prospective clients
• Contact clients through email and telephone to provide them with service information
• Develop a loyal client base by providing exceptional mortgage advice
• Work with lenders and buyers to find the best deal for clients
• Perform loan-originating tasks, and act as a point of contact for all clients
• Assess market conditions, and provide feedback to clients
• Negotiate with banks and direct lenders to find the best opportunities
• Assess clients’ financial circumstances and histories to find ideal matches
• Ensure that all paperwork is properly carried out for each mortgage opportunity
• Check paperwork for discrepancies or errors, and communicate them to clients

Mortgage Assistant
Key Mortgages, Provo, UT
May 2012 – Sep 2014
• Performed cold-calling tasks in order to increase the client base
• Handled incoming calls by providing service and product information
• Checked loan paperwork to ensure accuracy and completeness
• Ensured proper record-keeping and filing for all clients and cases

Bachelor’s Degree in Finance
Provo Business School, Provo, UT – 2011

Mortgage Agent Skills for Resume

It is imperative for mortgage agents to be skilled in the work that they do. These skills need to be highlighted in their resumes so that hiring managers can zero in on them, and decide to hire them.

As a mortgage agent, your skills should include the ability to assess client situations and provide correlating mortgage and financing options to them.

When you write a mortgage agent resume, concentrate on the skills that you will be offering to the hiring manager.

These would include knowledge of mortgage and finance products, and the ability to successfully communicate corresponding information to clients.

Also, the skills section of your mortgage agent resume should include your strong numerical and analytic abilities, as well as excellent communication skills.

Moreover, you must emphasize your expertise in finance and risk management. Good negotiation skills are also required when working as a mortgage agent, so these need to go into the skills section of your resume as well.

Here are some skills that you can place on your mortgage agent resume:

Mortgage Agent Skills Statements for Resume

• Working with lenders to find the best deals for homebuyers
• Originating loans to sell to ending institutes
• Acting as a point of contact, and intermediary between lenders and borrowers
• Evaluating mortgage paperwork, including pay stubs, credit histories, and bank statements
• Working in compliance with banking and finance laws
• Verifying clients’ incomes, and gathering credit information
• Following through with clients throughout the approval process
• Filling out forms such as lender applications, and agreements
• Assessing market situations to determine the best solutions for clients
• Ensuring that all activities are in accordance with set banking protocols and procedures
• Providing legal explanations by educating clients on legal and financial options
• Meeting mortgage loan operating standards by contributing mortgage loan information to strategic plans
• Attracting new mortgage loan applications by developing relationships with prospective, and new clients
• Approving mortgage loans through application examination and documentation management
• Ensuring the shortest possible timelines for mortgage approvals
• Completing mortgage loans by monitoring collection, and verification
• Keeping mortgage loan information confidential and safe
• Performing risk assessments using sound judgment
• Good negotiation and self-motivation skills, aimed at completing work processes perfectly

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