Senior Administrative Assistant Resume Objectives

Updated February 16, 2017

There are a number of ways to gauge a resume. And believe it or not, hiring managers use all of them at times to decide if you are worth their time or not. One of the first things that hiring managers see when they pick up a resume is the objective, sitting right at the very top. One that makes an impression gets picked up immediately and read further.

The fact that an objective is where the resume begins is perhaps the main reason why most hiring managers will gauge your professional standing through them. And this is precisely why you must make a great effort to make it a good one. There are no rules guiding what needs to be written in a resume objective. However, it is important to stick to a few dos and don’ts. Resume objectives should be short outlines of what you know and can apply in a professional environment. They should never include information that shows you as a selfish person, who is in the game just because of the monetary benefit.

One problem with writing an objective on a resume is that you can never be sure how much to write. While long accounts of your abilities are not really what a hiring manager is looking for, it is important to make the objective substantial enough to do you favors. Here are some samples:

Sample Objectives for Senior Administrative Assistant Resume

• Looking for a Senior Administrative Assistant position at Lockheed Martin. Bringing 11+ years proven track record of providing administrative assistance to executives and managers, aimed at ensuring that they can concentrate on their work in a more profound manner.

• Highly experienced Senior Administrative Assistant with over 10 years of administrative exposure, presently seeking a position with Great Atlas Company. Offers exceptional skills in managing executives’ calendars with great attention to detail, in addition to providing inter-departmental support.

• Desire a Senior Administrative Assistant position with United Parcel Services. Eager to apply ability in arranging and managing corporate events such as meetings and conferences, along with a great ability to handle complex filing and recordkeeping systems.

• To obtain a Senior Administrative Assistant position with Asian Development Bank. Offers expertise in gathering and analyzing important information and converting it into managerial reports, in addition to conducting research and performing functions to ensure smoothness of office processes.

• Seeking a position as Senior Administrative Assistant with United Health Group applying exceptional competencies in handling sensitive business communications and data with confidentiality and discretion. Demonstrated ability to provide high-quality and consistent administrative support to executives in several areas including conference planning, scheduling and follow-up and sales processes.