Benefits Administrator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 4, 2018

There is something very “solid” about a well-written Benefits Administrator cover letter, which hiring managers love, of course, if the cover letter is well-written.

Good cover letters are difficult to come by, and if yours is as brilliantly written as a hiring manager wants it to be, you are in high luck.

Cover letters need to be written along the lines of what you want is what I have, and I am willing to give it to you. The content of your cover letter should identify what it is that you are capable of doing in the workplace, and how successful you have been in doing it during your experience.

Putting in the information of what it is that makes you tick is essential. What is also important is how well you structure your cover letter so that it is navigable, and has just the right type and amount of information in it.

What follows is a cover letter sample of this sort:


Benefits Administrator Cover Letter Example



854 Adam Street
Bridgeport, WV 54877

March 4, 2018

Mr. George White
Human Resource Manager
Great Expressions Medical Center
602 Washington Avenue
Bridgeport, WV 42931


Dear Mr. White:

Looking through your ad for Benefits Administrator position, I see that I have much to offer to you in this role, all of which is relevant to your requirements.

Having worked as a benefits administrator at HUB International for over 6 years now, I am quite expert in this field. Researching employee benefits programs and vendors to identify those that present the best value, and designing and recommending new benefits programs are just two of my strengths in this regard.

If you go through my resume in detail, you will discover that I am exceptionally talented in evaluating and revising internal processes, aiming to reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Additionally, I am skilled in coordinating daily benefits processing, and maintaining group benefits databases, along with gathering and sorting employee data.

Confident about the fact that a meeting between us will prove to be fruitful for both ends, I will contact you next week to arrange a time and date to meet in person.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.




Sarah Brown
(000) 999-8854
Attachment: Resume