Benefits Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: October 11, 2017

It is most likely that you will go through a number of interview sessions before you are either chosen for a position, or like one. Make these experiences count for something.

Appearing for an interview is no guarantee that you will get a job, but each interview process does make you learn something positive.

And if what you have learnt from one interview can be applied to ace the next one, you have it made!

Typically, there are two types of questions that one is asked at any interview – questions specific to the position being applied for, and those that determine your personality as an individual. Both are important to ace.

A set of interview questions and answers for the position of a benefits administrator are provided below for your reference:


Benefits Administrator Interview Questions and Answers


What career path brought you to finally settle working as a benefits administrator?
I obtained my bachelor’s degree in business, with a major in human resources 8 years ago. Since then, I have worked in the HR department of two companies, and finally realized that my forte was benefits administration, about 5 years ago. Ever since, this is what I have been doing.

Tell us a little bit about the work that you have performed in the role of a benefits administrator?
As a benefits administrator, I have been busy planning and directing the day to day operations of benefits programs including health, worker’s compensation, insurance, and travel and accident plans. In addition to this, I have been responsible for evaluating existing plans, and making recommendations for it, along with ensuring that all logistics such as calculations, billing, and payments are timely and accurately coordinated.

What skills do you believe are necessary to work as a benefits administrator?
I believe that one needs to know the benefits administration system completely before one can work at this position. Ability to handle compensation and reimbursement procedures effectively is also important, as is possessing insight into handling some accounting functions.

What makes it worth your while to work as a benefits administrator?
I enjoy the work thoroughly because of the challenges that it poses. It gives me great motivation to work at a position that promises that I will learn and contribute on a regular basis.

Recount the most challenging task that you have been assigned so far.
On my first day at my present place of work, I was told that I had to revamp the entire benefits administration process within six months. While it was quite a feat to accomplish, I managed to replace the system within the timeline provided, without any downtime.

Would you want to diversify into another niche within human resources?
At this point in time, I still have a lot to learn about benefits administration. But I am open to all types of possibilities.