General Ledger Accountant Skills for Resume

Updated on: February 20, 2018

It is a myth that skills do not matter in a resume as much as experience does. Both skills and experience are important in a general ledger accountant.

Most of us manage to put in our experiences in a resume, but forget or overlook the fact that skills are as important. Hiring managers focus on the skills section in a resume, to find out what you can do specifically, once you are hired at a position.

Working at any position requires skill, and since a hiring manager will have a hard time believing that you are not skilled (especially if he or she sees that the skills section in your resume is missing), it is best to put it in.

Not all of your skills will hold importance for a hiring manager. In fact, you need to highlight the ones that relate to the job that you will be performing. Anything that does not relate to the work that you will be expected to do can be left out of the list.

A skills section in a resume needs to be highlighted properly. Your statements should be wholesome, explaining what your capabilities are, in not too many words. Making sure that your phrases are strong is important.

The following list of skills for a general ledger accountant position will give you an idea about what to write in your resume, in the skills section:


Sample Skills for General Ledger Accountant Resume


• Competent in analyzing various general ledger accounts, and reconciling deferred revenues.

• Effectively able to process all accounts receivable credit memos, and serve as a backup for accounts receivable coordinators.

• Deep familiarity with processing accounts payables, and processing and completing daily deposits.

• Demonstrated ability to create and maintain daily sales entries, and periodic ones for account reconciliation and reporting purposes.

• Exceptionally well-versed in assisting in the preparation of annual budgets, by analyzing accounts, and researching data.

• Documented success in providing auditing support to various departments, both externally, and internally.

• Proficient in reconciling balance sheet accounts on a periodic basis, and performing fixed asset reconciliations.

• Adept at preparing journal entries, and posting them to general ledgers, ensuring that deadlines and timelines are kept in mind.

• Track record of effectively and accurately researching transactions within general ledgers, upon request, or for the purpose of tallying.

• Proven ability to generate and distribute accounts management reports, in a timely and accurate fashion.

• Qualified to assist in the preparation of tax documents, and handle filing duties, as instructed.