An interview is that one very important stage that has the potency to make us reach our highest employment goals. Once you have mastered the art of writing resumes and cover letters, it is time to master the art of acing interviews. Because at the end of the day, it is the interview that will help you in acquiring the job of your dreams.

Unfortunately, we may master the earlier stages (resumes and cover letters) but we have a great chance of failing the interview stage, simply because it tests our mettle to the highest. The jitters that one gets before and during the interview process is not something that we have experienced during previous stages, so it is all new to us. Once we overcome this, we can be successful in acing even the toughest interview and gaining employment.

For specific questions for an advertising account manager’s position, refer to the set provided below:

Advertising Account Manager Interview Questions and Answers

How do you make sure that you design advertising campaigns to meet the specific needs of your clients?
The first thing that I do is make sure that I interview clients in detail to figure out what it is that they are looking for. Once I have all the information, I design and develop specifically focused solutions to meet their needs.

For existing accounts, how do you manage to keep them afloat, considering that you may be concentrating on acquiring new ones?
Keeping existing accounts afloat is as important as obtaining new ones. I pay a lot of attention to identifying accounts that may be at risk due to their revenue shrinking and this way, I can constantly develop strategies to ensure that they are kept afloat.

What type of skills does one need to work as an advertising account manager?
The main skill that any advertising account manager needs is exceptional communication skills – both verbal and written. The ability to analyze situations and provide solutions to ensure that clients’ advertising requirements are constantly filled comes next. Additionally, one needs to be creative and possess a service-oriented attitude.

Why is the job of an advertising account manager considered as “first contact service”?
Technically, it is the advertising account manager that a client meets on a regular basis to provide information of requirements and gain project progress data. Since advertising account managers act as day-to-day points of contact with clients, they are considered part of the first contact service brigade.