Factory Worker Job Overview

Factory workers are employed by an industrial unit setting where they provide processing and packing support in order to bring a product to finality. They operate machines to perform most of their tasks but may be required to possess manual dexterity to perform physical work.

Since factory workers work with a variety of products, their job description may vary from industry to industry. In a particular setting, they may be expected to collect raw materials for processing, measuring, mixing and cooking raw materials. In addition to this they may be required to.


Sample Job Description for Factory Worker Resume 

• Check quality of prepared product

• Document exact results

• Clean plant processing area

• Check quality of various products before packing

• Test samples of food items where appropriate

• Cut out parts and sew them as instructed

• Mix and cook ingredients

• Make patterns of garments

• Iron garments and check for damages

• Position, align and adjust work pieces

• Clean equipment

• Mark and tag components as necessary

• Assemble goods when necessary

• Clean work areas

• Grade batches of raw materials

• Operate forklifts and other relevant equipment

Job Requirements

Factory workers are required to be flexible and proactive in order to be able to perform these tasks effectively. They need to possess knowledge of safety procedures and a suitable fitness level. Possessing product knowledge is necessary and the ability to follow instructions is also an absolute must for them. While all these are very important in a factory worker’s skills set, most skills depend on the setting that they work in and the need for dexterity, both mental and physical.