Many dog owners do not have time to walk and care for their dogs due to heavy work schedules. They hire pet sitters / dog walkers to do this for them. A dog walker needs to be dependable and good with animals especially dogs and should know exactly how to go about looking after their wards.

Here is an example of a resume and cover letter for dog walker position that will tell us just what employers expect from the potential candidates.


Dog Walker Resume Sample


Ronald Hartley

77 County Road 25, Herman, NE 52117
(900) 999-9119, Email

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as a Dog Walker with Loyalty Pet Care utilizing inborn love for animals and the acumen for managing their everyday exercise needs.

• Worked as a part-time Dog Walker for Green Paws for three years
• Eager to walk multiple dogs at one time
• Known for fully utilizing time and providing exercise to each dog
• Hands-on experience in commanding obedience in accordance to preset rules of language
• Familiar with healthcare issues and vaccination of dogs

• Possess a strong passion for animals
• Familiar with basic training commands
• Knowledge of dog grooming and health assessment
• Physically capable of walking 7 hours a day
• Excellent communication and organizational skills
• Experience using PetExec

• Adapted dogs from three different species together by providing obedience training.
• Conducted three workshops on Dog Management Techniques bringing in 72 participants.


Dog Walker

Green Paws – Herman, NE                                          11/2009 – Present

• Walk dogs for the prescribed amount of time
• Play with dogs following instructions for exercise
• Dispose of waste on the trail
• Clean backyard of the facility and organize it
• Ensure the dogs are in their kennels or are returned to the rightful owners
• Refill water and food
• Apply flea and tick treatments as and when necessary
• Answer calls at the facility
• Record route and dogs’ names in files

High School Diploma – 2007