A cover letter for a Mortgage Loan Officer position requires extensive skills in the mortgage industry in addition to sales and marketing. Before writing your letter, examine the specific job requirements advertised by the potential employer. The cover letter is an opening statement about you and your capabilities and states the solid reasons why the company should hire you over someone else.

Job Overview
A Mortgage Loan Officer’s primary responsibility is to initiate mortgage applications by applying various sales and marketing techniques. This position takes the benefit of referrals for new mortgage lending opportunities which is why people working at this position need to possess some degree of sales background.


Mortgage Loan Officer Cover Letter (Sample)

916 Bay Street
Woolfeboro, NH 66665

September 8, 2012

Mr. Kevin Gosner
Senior Manager HR
Bank of America
7 Notre Dame Avenue
Woolfeboro, NH 22223


Dear Mr. Gosner:

As an individual with a sound background pertaining to mortgage financing, I am confident that I am the candidate that you are looking for in order to fill the position of a Mortgage Loan Officer at the Bank of USA. Since I have a thorough understanding of underwriting procedures along with the ability to maintain a professional business relationship with all departments, I am certain that I am a good fit for this job.

My knowledge of FHA, FNMA and FMLMC guidelines is vast to say the least. I possess the ability to maintain successful liaison with business referral sources and am proficient in understanding the need of maintaining contact with fulfillment center partners, ensuring that exceptional customer services is provided to a client from the time a mortgage loan is originated to the time it is closed. Moreover, I have the capacity to achieve personal and company set mortgage sales goals at a 100%; this achievement has been commended by my supervisors many times as is evident from the enclosed documents.

My enclosed resume tells the story of my accomplishments in this line of work. I am very excited at the opportunity of meeting you soon. If you would like to talk to me regarding my credentials, I am available at (777) 777-7777 during the day.
Thank you for your time and consideration.



Midge Mason

Enc. Resume