Writing a good cover letter for a resident director position can help setting you apart from the rest of the candidate pool. Your knowledge of handling residential facilities in terms of operations and staff management should all be part of your cover letter. You should include specific information about why you want to work for a particular company and demonstrate your knowledge of the position.

A cover letter is considered ‘well-written’ only of it is well-aligned with the qualifications that the prospective employer wants. This is why it is considered very important to read and understand the job description properly. Analyzing the job description will not only help you understand what the work is all about but it will also assist you in writing customized cover letters for each company that you apply to – yes, it is important to tailor your cover letter to the job description that each company has provided to you, even if it is the same position.

For a resident director position, your cover letter should be short and sweet. It should have all the necessary information regarding your ability to handle the different aspects of a residential facility and your knowledge of managing difficult situations by applying clearly though-out procedures.


Resident Director Cover Letter Example


March 26, 2015

Mr. Richard Hall
Human Resource manager
Florida State University
647 Cole Street
Palm Harbor, FL 92039


Dear Mr. Hall:

I am excited to submit my application for a Resident Director position at the Florida State University because my qualifications merit your consideration. Please take some time to review the enclosed resume which will provide you with a comprehensive view of my related attributes.

First and foremost, I am a true leader with great supervisory skills. I have the capacity to tackle each task entrusted to me with a two-pronged focus – negotiate the best possible way to optimize resident facility operations and create a strategic focus to ensure that the right personnel is hired to carry out the former. My efforts can easily be measured by the well-maintained residential facility of the New York State University, my previous place of employment.

I have been fortunate in handling both student and staff relationships effectively as networking comes naturally to me. I am quickly able to develop and maintain awareness of community issues for students through communication and can initiate efforts to respond to these issues tactfully.

I hope that you and I can meet soon so that we can discuss this opportunity further. I guarantee you that I cannot only meet your expectations but exceed them! I will call you on Friday to ask for a convenient time to meet.


Best Regard,

Bruce Wills
(333) 333-3333

(Enc: Resume)