If you have built your resume, you have to write a cover letter next. There is no way that you can send your resume without a cover letter. Why? Done it in the past? What was the result? If you were invited for an interview despite not having sent a cover letter, you were probably lucky. However, this luck cannot be imminent every time. Most likely, the next time you send your resume with a cover letter guarding its reputation, your resume will be politely filed, or worse, dumped!

Think of cover letters as fondant on cake. Just like a fondant covering gives cakes a nice, clean and neat look, cover letters provide an umbrella to resumes, making them look better than they may be. This is essential to do as you can never be sure if your resume really is exactly what the hiring authority is looking for. However, a cover letter can be made almost exactly what is required by the employer – that is, if you keep in mind a few important points.

A cover letter must never be sketchy – you can take it up to a page long but provide information that is relevant and interesting. No amount of fluff will impress the reader. Here is a sample that you can use.


Student Affairs Director Cover Letter Sample


857 New Street #44
Oak Grove, KY 74121

June 8, 2016

Mr. Clark Massey
Hiring Manager
Kentucky State University
30 Pace Road
Oak Grove, KY 70300


Dear Mr. Massey:

Owing to a great ability to establish and maintain strong partnerships across an educational facility, along with vast experience in leading student affairs department in day-to-day operations, I am confident of my ability to meet the criteria set for a student affairs director at Kentucky State University.

Some of my core qualifications include:

• Demonstrated expertise in providing leadership, analysis and advice in relation to policies and procedures regarding students and services for student bodies.
• Highly experienced in planning, organizing and directing activities and services that support students in definitive terms.
• Ability to ensure that all activities and services remain within the confines of budgetary limits.
• Hands-on experience in developing and implementing tactical and operational plans, systems and procedures in accordance to the university’s strategic goals and policies.

I would like to be considered for this position, in which I am quite convinced that someone of my background could make a sizeable contribution. I will contact you soon to arrange an interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Gregory Timball

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