A scholarship application letter is usually needed if a student wishes to get some financial assistance through the academia or a company.

The student will require to justify him/herself as an excellent student in studies and co-curricular activities to maximize the chance of securing a scholarship.

A needy student who excels in his studies will have a high chance of obtaining a scholarship.

Thinking to apply for a scholarship? Take help from the cover letter sample below.



Scholarship Application Cover Letter Sample


John Doe
Department of Computer Science
Concordia University College of Alberta
Edmonton, AB D9E 3E3

May 13, 2014

Ms. Sara K. Smith
Student Affairs Department
Concordia University College of Alberta
Edmonton, AB D9E 3E3


RE: Scholarship Application

Dear Ms. Smith:

I am writing to submit my scholarship application from Concordia University College of Alberta’s Financial Aid Program for the fall semester 2014.  Presently, I am a first year student in the Master of Computer Science program. Enclosed is a copy of my first semester’s results for your perusal. I also affix a copy of my high school results to verify my diligence in my studies.

These days, I am facing some financial difficulties, therefore, unable to pay my fee for the fall semester. I am planning to obtain a part-time job in order to manage finances of my studies but it would not be enough to cover the whole tuition and accommodation fee. Based on my deprived financial condition, I am requesting for a student scholarship so that I would be able to carry on my studies in anticipation of improved financial situation.

Thank you very much for your consideration. If you have any questions regarding my application, you may contact me anytime on my cellular phone at (999) 999-0149. To follow-up, I will contact your secretary next week.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



John Doe

John Doe

CUCA #: 6988777