• Each accounting position that you apply for, should be given the benefit of “originality”. So if you are applying to 3 different companies, you cannot send them all the same cover letter – even if the position is the same. Create different content for different positions.

• Use language that borders on professional and casual. Too much of either can put the hiring manager off. You need to be able to keep a balance. Do not make jokes. They won’t be appreciated. And do not sound too uptight.

Following is a sample application cover letter for fresh accounting Graduates. You may use and modify this version before sending it.


Entry Level Accounting Graduates Cover Letter Sample


24 Example Street
New York, NY 01258

December 28, 2013

Mr. John Smith
Hiring Manager
ABC Organization
11 Some Ave
New York, NY 02698


Dear Mr. Smith:

I am writing to apply for your Accounting Assistant position that I viewed on your website today. I am very interested in pursuing my accounting career with ABC Organization, particularly working in audit department. I am eager regarding the likelihood of being able to deliver my knowledge and skills through the position you are offering.

I freshly obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from NY State University. As a graduate in Accountancy, I know the importance of keeping myself up-to-date with a variety of advancements that would let me to unify with your firm.

From your ad, I can see that you are in search of candidates who have outstanding computer skills. I have previously established those skills as I was engage computer works for instance in word processing, spreadsheets, internet and email application and databases for the duration of my computer course training.

I have enclosed my resume for your evaluation and to give you detailed description of my educational qualifications and knowledge. Yet, I look forward to a chance to meeting with you and further talk about my skills which are relevant to your position requirements. I will contact you next week to discuss the possibility of an interview. In the mean time I can be reached at (000) 989-7656.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Alex Davis

Enc. Resume and Recommendation Letter