Outreach Worker Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on December 29, 2014

At an interview for the position of an outreach worker, the questions that you will be posed with will be aimed at determining your ability to work with people from different backgrounds. You will be tested on your intelligence, skills and experience and maturity and judgment primarily so these are the areas that you need to focus on.

Interviews are generally targeted at figuring out a candidate’s ability to perform the job and work with people. Since an outreach worker spends a great amount of time with people, it only makes sense for employers to focus on how well they can handle different types of people who may have physical, emotional or social limitations.

When appearing for an interview for an outreach worker position, make sure that you know what it is that you are getting into. Do you understand how demanding this job can be? Have you had at least some experience working as an outreach worker?

You may be asked some of the questions below when you appear for an interview for an outreach worker’s position.

Outreach Worker Interview Questions and Answers

What makes working as an outreach worker worth all the effort one puts in?
There is no comparison to the satisfaction one gets when a member of an outreach program is satisfied with the services he or she has received. Knowing that you have helped someone reintegrate into society or obtain something they had needed for a long time is well worth the effort needed to get things rolling.

What types of outreach programs have you worked for? Which one held more interest for you?
I have worked for both youth and elderly outreach programs. Each program had its own charm – working with young, wayward people made me understand the problems they go through and appreciate my own circumstances. Working with the elderly was an eye opener as far as mortality is concerned. Both were equally interesting.

What three qualities do you believe an outreach worker should possess?
An outreach worker needs to be resourceful, possess a positive work attitude and be able to develop relationships effectively.

Can you tell us of an instance when your knowledge as an outreach worker was truly tested?
I was given the responsibility of assisting a member obtain SSI disability which had been rejected three times. I had carefully assessed the member’s situation and knew that he deserved to be on disability so going through the rigmarole of red tape was extremely stressful but we came through in the end.

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