Nursing Home Volunteer Job Description for Resume

Updated on: December 8, 2021

Nursing homes require the services of many people to keep it running.

One such role is that of a nursing home volunteer – an individual who provides free services to assist clients/patients in handling everyday challenges and helping them live productive lives.

The work is noble without a doubt, but it is also a lot of hard work.

In the role of a nursing-home volunteer, you will be performing some or all of the duties listed below:

Nursing Home Volunteer Job Description for Resume

• Coordinate with nursing home managers to obtain orders for handling the day’s tasks.
• Check patients’ charts and history files to determine their illnesses, and any special information relating to personality.
• Engage patients in conversation to derive more information about them, ensuring that the exchange is positive.
• Provide one on one support to patients by helping them with daily activities such as bathing, grooming, and dressing.
• Ensure that patients are provided with their meals at the right time, and in accordance with the doctors’ orders.
• Assist patients in partaking their meals and record intake and output on their charts.
• Administer oral medicines by following set instructions, and ensure that administration information is lodged into their case files.
• Observe patients and ensure that they respond to medicines and treatment well.
• Provide immediate First Aid or CPR if required.
• Clean patients’ rooms and perform required sanitizing activities to ensure their safety and wellbeing.
• Transport patients to doctors’ offices, or to procedure rooms, and provide them with the company on the way.
• Educated patients’ families about proper home care for patients being released, aiming to ensure that they are taken care of properly.

Nursing Home Volunteer Qualifications

No special qualifications are required if you want to work as a nursing home volunteer.

However, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent may be preferred by employers, who would want that the volunteer possesses the ability to read and communicate.

You have to possess an inherent love for the work and be emotionally and physically stable enough to do justice to it.

You will need to exceptionally well-versed in handling care work associated with this job.

Patience is a virtue, as you will be assigned patients who may require a lot of support and understanding from you.