Mental Health Worker Objectives for Resume

Updated on: March 11, 2019

Some candidates consider objective statements to be too old while others still believe that they are excellent means of giving the right direction to their resume.

There are some situations that demand a proper resume objective i.e. a candidate is changing their career path, targeting a specific position or beginning their career.

An objective statement can prove to be much more productive as compared to a profile or summary in all the previously mentioned cases.

A well-written resume objective must contain the:

• Specific position title that the candidate is seeking.

• Name of the firm at which the position is being sought.

• Key skills or a short phrase stating what exactly the candidate is offering in terms of expertise.

If your objective starts with strong adjectives, relevant keywords, and relevant skills, it will most likely grab the interest of the reader and motivate them to read your whole resume.

Following are some sample objectives for mental health worker resume.


Mental Health Worker Objectives for Resume

• Highly qualified, patient care oriented Mental Health Worker seeking a position with LIFE Healthcare. Apt at taking history, analyzing the case and devising and implementing a comprehensive plan of action to address the clients’ mental health issues.

• Skillful, empathetic and compassionate Mental Health Worker seeking a similar role with YMCA. Offering expertise in cognitive and rational emotive therapy for behavioral dysfunctions along with proven rapport building and counseling skills.

• Talented and committed individual eager to work for St. Mary’s Hospital in the capacity of a Mental Health Worker. Expert in Drug rehabilitation, youth counseling, and relapse prevention. Compliant to HIPPA and APA guidelines.

• To attain a Mental Health Worker position at IMD Clinic. Bringing 5+ years;’ hands-on experience in patient history taking, case analysis, therapeutic intervention, and correctional counseling.

• To instill a positive change among the mental health patients at the North West hospital through demonstration of behavior counseling, case development, and direct care delivery skills.

• Looking for a Mental Health Worker position with IKR Hospital where expertise in behavioral counseling, mental health assessment, and therapeutic intervention could be put to productive use for the benefit of IKR patients.