Locksmith Skills for Resume

Updated on: May 18, 2019

It is almost impossible to work as a locksmith if you do not possess the right set of skills for the job.

At this position, it is important to be able to handle the various aspects of the work, which will require you to be skilled in many areas.


When writing a resume for a locksmith position, you must concentrate on writing your skills effectively.

Specifically, you must focus on your knowledge of modern, as well as old locking and alarm systems.

Ability to work with complex locking systems should be highlighted in your resume.

As important to focus on is your knowledge of maintaining tools and equipment particular to this work.


As a locksmith, it is important to emphasize your knowledge of lock designs and features. A hiring manager will expect you to be able to talk to customers in an intelligent manner, and often, to help resolve their issues.

Specifically, the following skills will be required to work as a locksmith:

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Locksmith Skills for Resume

• Highly experienced in recommending the purchase of locking systems.

• Skilled in developing key plans and obtaining correlating approvals.

• Demonstrated expertise in installing, repairing, and rebuilding mechanical and electronic locking systems.

• Effectively able to disassemble locks, and repair or replace worn tumblers and springs.

• Deeply familiar with fabricating new or duplicate keys using the right cutting and shaping equipment.

• Competent in moving lock picks in cylinders in order to open doors without using keys.

• Proficient in performing drilling work in order to open safe locks.

• Adept at installing, maintaining, and repairing different types of locking systems, such as cylindrical units, and mortise and rim.

• Expert in picking locks for which keys have been lost.

• Able to make emergency repairs of locks, ensuring that downtime is minimized.

• Documented success in maintaining master key systems by creating and maintaining accurate records of hardware changes, and new lock installations.

• Proven ability to determine to lock devices and systems requirements through the understanding of blueprints and plans.

• Solid track record of ensuring that sufficient stock of supplies and resources is maintained.

• Able to engage clients in conversation in order to determine their lock systems installation requirements.

• Qualified to determine the right locking and alarm systems for different sites, in both residential and commercial capacities.

• Experienced in maintaining coded logs of padlocks, and recording key numbers.

• Well-versed in responding to maintenance issues regarding locks and alarm systems within a community setting.


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