Top 10 Landscaper Resume Objective Examples

Updated: March 30, 2022

Stating your career objective, when applying for a landscaper position, is vital to your resume’s success.

A landscaper objective that focuses on your skills and enthusiasm can enhance the document, making it more attractive for employers.

In your landscaper objective statement, mention your knowledge of building and maintaining green spaces is important here.

Equally important is to provide information about your ability to trim overgrowths, and plant new decorative bushes, flowers, and shrubs.

Do not make your landscaper resume objective too long by adding nonrelevant information in it.

For your guidance, 10 resume objective examples for a landscaper position are provided below:

10 Sample Objectives for Landscaper Resume

Landscaper Resume Objective Examples: 10+ Years Experience

1. Hardworking Landscaper with 15+ years of successful landscaping experience seeking employment at Westgate Resorts. Poised to ensure the growth and vibrancy of plants, flowers, shrubs, and bushes. Able to maintain a polite, friendly, and responsive demeanor with guests and visitors.

2. Detail-oriented Landscaper with 12+ years of experience working on large areas of green lands, looking for a challenging role at Wente Vineyards. Excited to properly and safely handle pruning, planting, and weeding work.

3. Friendly, dedicated, and creative Landscaper with over 10 years of experience in implementing groundskeeping, and landscaping work. Enthusiastic to work as part of a team of landscapers at Miller’s Golf Course to perform landscaping job assignments and tasks successfully.

Landscaper Resume Objectives: 1-9 Years’ Experience

4. Seasoned Landscaper with 8+ years of hands-on experience in big landscaping companies, seeking a position at Nevada Beverage. Eager to outperform in vegetation management through the proper and safe use of hand and power equipment.

5. Ambitious Landscaping professional with more than 6 years of experience looking for a position at Brightview. Energetic to make the most of skills in providing aesthetically pleasing landscaping services.

6. Results-oriented Landscaper with 5+ years of experience in handling large areas by actively planting trees, shrubs, flowers, and bushes. Looking for a position at Safety Marking Inc. to apply my expertise in performing groundskeeping, and maintenance work.

7. Hard-working individual, with 3 years of experience working as a Landscaper. Offering well-placed knowledge of following landscape designs for public areas, and residences to provide excellence in ensuring proper planting, and upkeep of clients’ green spaces.

8. Creative Landscaper seeking a position at Christopher Newport University, utilizing 1+ year’s track record in performing general, as well as specific lawn maintenance work. Driven and ambitious, with a strong knowledge base of complex landscaping projects.

Entry Level Landscaper Objective Examples with No Experience

9. Fresh and energetic Landscaper eager to work for Westgate Resorts. Poised to deliver excellence, timeliness, and attention to detail to prepare green areas in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

10. High-performing Landscaping enthusiast seeking a position at Borrego Solar Systems. Eager to show my mettle as a high-performing landscaper using advanced knowledge of horticulture maintenance services.

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