Iron Worker Job Description for Resume (+Skills)

Updated on: November 17, 2023

Are you looking to enhance your resume as an ironworker? Here is a comprehensive job description that can help you highlight your experience, skills, and qualifications:

Position Overview

An ironworker plays a vital role in the construction industry. As an ironworker, your primary responsibility is to raise, place, and connect girders, columns, and other structural steel members. You will be an integral part of construction projects, ensuring that assigned tasks are completed in a timely manner and in sync with other construction activities.

Position Requirements

To excel as an ironworker, you must possess exceptional skills in setting up and hoisting equipment for raising and placing structural steel members. A high school diploma or GED is sufficient for this role, although prior experience is highly valued.

The nature of the work is physically demanding, so physical dexterity is essential. As an ironworker, it is crucial for you to have expertise in cutting and welding, while always prioritizing safety precautions. Additionally, you should be well-versed in handling tools and equipment specific to this trade.

Iron Worker Duties and Responsibilities for Resume

  • Set up hoisting equipment to raise and position structural steel members.
  • Fasten steel members using chains, cables, and other secure methods, and guide them into approximate positions.
  • Construct and install iron and steel girders, columns, and other related construction materials.
  • Cut, position, and bolt down steel bars according to specified instructions, and perform welding and structural metal cutting.
  • Direct crane operations for the movement of structural steel and iron materials.
  • Connect steel and iron columns and beams, drilling holes for bolting purposes.
  • Position steel members accurately using connecting bars and spud wrenches, and secure them with bolts and welds.
  • Use wires, ropes, and spacers to fasten bars together and lift them off the deck.
  • Assist in the unloading and stacking of prefabricated steel and iron materials, employing cranes to lift beams and columns into place.
  • Verify the horizontal and vertical alignment of steel structures, ensuring proper placement.
  • Utilize metal shears, torches, and welding equipment proficiently for welding, cutting, and bending steel and iron.

Iron Worker Skills and Qualifications for Resume

  • Physical Strength: Ability to handle heavy materials and work in physically demanding conditions.
  • Technical Skills: Proficiency in reading blueprints, using hand and power tools, and operating welding equipment.
  • Knowledge of Safety Guidelines: Understanding of occupational safety regulations and practices.
  • Attention to Detail: Precise measurements and accurate installation are critical to the success of construction projects.
  • Teamwork: Collaboration and effective communication skills to coordinate with other team members.
  • Problem-Solving: Ability to identify and resolve issues related to structural installation.
  • Certifications: Possessing relevant certifications such as a Red Seal or equivalent is an asset.

By including these job duties and skills in your resume, you can effectively demonstrate your skills and expertise as an ironworker, catching the attention of potential employers.