Iron Worker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 4, 2022

Most employers know exactly why you want to work for them.

But it is still necessary to put your reasons in a cover letter, to give them a couple of extra reasons to hire you.

Believe us when we say that whatever you write in your cover letter, the hiring manager will already know – or expect to read. It is your responsibility to make sure that you give him or her something new.

Making sure that your Iron Worker cover letter wins the race to the finish is important here.

However, this is not an easy feat. When you are applying for a job, your focus is usually your own self – but this is not what you have to show to a prospective employer, who needs to be told that he or she is your prime focus.

And that you want to contribute, which is why you are applying for the position.

The following cover letter sample will make things a little easy for you:

Iron Worker Cover Letter Example

George Middleton
(000) 201-8574

May 4, 2022

Mr. Jacob Loon
Human Resource Manager
Corning Bridge and Iron Company
1783 Toomes Avenue
Corning, CA60210

Dear Mr. Loon:

I am very interested in perusing the exceptional opportunity to work as an iron worker for Corning Bridge and Iron Company. I learned of this opportunity from the advertisement that you have placed in previous Sunday’s newspaper, and have been unable to think of much else, except how well-suited I am for this position.

Having worked as an ironworker at Delta Constructions, for over 8 years now, I am highly experienced in building and installing iron girders and columns to form buildings, bridges, and other such structures. This experience has also developed my skills in repairing old infrastructure, ensuring that it remains intact, and is aesthetically pleasing. With my skills and experience in handling materials preparation work, placement activities, and connecting iron structures, you will not need to train me, as I will instantly contribute to your projects.

As I am an analytic and well-organized individual, I go many miles to ensure that the structural alignment of my work is appropriately placed, through well-designed verification procedures. Moreover, I am a professional when it comes to using and maintaining hand tools such as wrenches, beaters, bull pins, sleever bars, and wire cutters.

I am interested in meeting with you in person so that I can properly identify the several areas where my skills are well-placed. I will contact you soon to set a time and date for an interview. Until then, I am available at (000) 201-8574.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


George Middleton