Foster Care Worker Resume Sample

Updated on: June 20, 2022

Out of the dozens of foster care worker resumes that a hiring manager will read during the hunt for the perfect employee, he will probably pick up just one.

Make sure it is yours that he picks up.

How a resume looks at first glance matters immensely.

If this is what your resume looks like to the hiring manager, you probably have a pretty good chance of being employed.

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Foster Care Worker Resume Sample

Jake Lincoln
7936 Long Bridge Road
Hampton, VA 52798
(000) 855-5214
jakelinc @email .com


Compassionate and caring.

Known for a great ability to match abused and/or neglected children to foster families, in a bid to provide them with good homes.

Driven foster care professional with 15 years’ track record of success in counseling children and foster families regarding mental health and rehabilitation. Talented in interviewing clients individually and in groups to assess their situations, and arranging support services such as childcare and substance abuse treatment to prevent serious problems from developing. Demonstrated ability to work in a team-oriented environment and work well with people from diverse backgrounds.


✓ Substance Abuse Support✓ Case Histories Maintenance
✓ Community Development✓ Counseling Sessions
✓ Placement Services Support✓ Welfare Programs Administration
✓ Home Assessments✓ Foster Care Placement Evaluation
✓ Legal Issues Addressing✓ Characteristics Evaluation
✓ Resources Identification✓ Child Development Support

• Successfully placed a particularly difficult child with a foster family who was able to look after her appropriately.
• Saved a child from an abusive foster family by recognizing early signs of distress and intervening in time.
• Developed and implemented a series of counseling sessions for children going through verbal and physical abuse, which was deemed highly successful.
• Proved to be invaluable to a research project based on foster placements, by providing deep insight into the problems and limitations of the system.


Foster Care Worker
TFI Family Services, Hampton, VA
2017 – Present
• Speak to children enrolled in the foster placement system to determine their individual personalities.
• Interview foster families to determine their eligibility for raising a foster child/children.
• Gather background information and conduct intake assessments according to established rules and regulations.
• Create, develop and implement behavior plans and provide treatment for foster children, biological families, and foster families.
• Provide casework services to children who have been placed with foster families to ensure that they are being well taken care of.
• Investigate instances or reports of abuse or neglect by foster families and create and submit correlating reports.
• Supervise children in placement with foster families to ensure their wellbeing and that of the foster families.
• Coordinate the details of all visits between children and biological parents to ensure that no legal aspects are being overlooked.

Case Worker
The People Services, Hampton, VA
2005 – 2017
• Liaised between students, homes, schools, and family services to help children with their problems, including disability and abuse.
• Developed and implemented service plans and performed follow-ups to assess the quality of services provided.
• Counseled parents with child-rearing limitations, and determined if further action was required.
• Arranged for medical and psychiatric services to help determine the causes of difficulties and improper behavior.
• Recommended temporary or permanent foster care and provided advice to both biological and foster parents about options and services available to them.

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work
Virginia State University, Hampton, VA 

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