Flagger Resume Sample

Updated September 11, 2018

Flaggers work with construction crews to ensure that the traffic around construction areas is properly cordoned off and that any issues with diversion areas are correctly and timely communicated to supervisors.

They work on many different types of construction sites, including buildings, roads, bridges, and arches. Their main work is to ensure that the traffic flow is maintained adequately so that problems such as jams do not transpire.



Flagger Resume Example



Anthony Adams
1998 6th Street, Fairfield, CT 22120
(000) 999-9999


Experienced flagger with extensive comprehension of handling traffic around construction sites, aiming to ensure the safety of workers and drivers. Proficient in putting up a diversion and alternate routes signs, following specified instructions. Demonstrated ability to pick and choose the right types of signboards to place in different parts of the construction area.

• Successfully diverted over 100 vehicles from a construction site, within 1 hour.
• Suggested the use of light reflectors to divert traffic during night shifts, resulting in fewer incidents of vehicles getting stuck in construction sites.
• Implemented a series of safety protocols, resulting in decreased accidents and injuries onsite.
• Trained 15 other flaggers in handling the complex job of diverting traffic through hand signals.


• Hand Signals • Boards Erecting • Traffic Control
• Construction Assistance • Safety Management • Radio Contact
• Traffic Direction • Diversions Management • Routes Determination
• Site Clearing • Movement Facilitation • Delay Response


Construction Tech, Fairfield, CT      2014-present
• Gather boards and signs according to provided instructions and transport them to the site.
• Determine the different places in which signs and boards need to be placed, and put them up accordingly.
• Ensure that all signs are properly positioned so that they do not move due to the wind, or passing traffic.
• Use hand signals to direct and divert traffic to diversions or alternate routes, ensuring the safety of workers and drivers.
• Assist construction workers in clearing worksites by removing debris and hazardous materials.
• Ensure that traffic cones and barricades are properly placed to inform drivers about detours.
• Respond to the public’s request about diversions and alternate routes, providing information as required.
• Pick up, count, and store traffic cones, barricades, and signs at the end of the construction project.

Flagger Aide
Acme Construction Company, Fairfield, CT      2012-2014
• Cleaned work sites by removing debris, and any materials that may be considered hazardous.
• Transported equipment and tools to sites to assist construction workers in their work.
• Assisted construction workers by digging holes and trenches according to provided instructions.
• Erected signs and flags to divert traffic away from construction areas, ensuring driver and worker safety.
• Performed preventative and regular maintenance on construction equipment and tools.

High School Diploma
North Fairfield High School, Fairfield, CT