Farm Worker Skills and Qualities

Updated May 11, 2022
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Not everyone can work as a farm worker. In fact, people who know the business, and are well-equipped to handle it are the ones who make it big in this arena.

In order to be able to handle the work, a farm worker needs a certain set of qualities and skills. And these need to be made evident in resumes and cover letters.

A farmworker should be able to handle physically demanding work.

In addition, he or she must be well-versed in handling tasks on both arable and livestock farms.

Of course, it all depends on which type of farm you want to work at. If you are skilled in handling crops as well as livestock, you have an extra kitty in your pocket.

When you write your farmworker resume and farmworker cover letter, make sure that these skills are made evident.

Even though there is limited space in both, you can highlight the important qualities that you possess.

A list of skills and qualities particular to the position of a farm worker is provided below:

Farm Worker Skills and Qualities

• Highly experienced in planting, tending, and harvesting crops.
• Demonstrated expertise in rearing and tending to livestock, such as feeding and mucking out.
• Effectively able to prepare animals in order to transport them.
• Deeply familiar with maintaining hedges and woodland.
• Documented success in breeding and raising livestock.
• Competent in preparing feeds for animals.
• Qualified to shear sheep, and milk cows.
• Competent in checking animals for signs of illnesses.
• Well-versed in keeping accurate records of animal numbers and treatments.
• Exceptionally talented in looking after hedges and crops, lest they succumb to the disease.
• Unmatched ability to perform harvesting duties.
• Skilled in applying pesticides and fertilizers.
• Specialized skills in identifying plants, pests, and weeds in order to determine the selection and application of pesticides.
• Particularly effective in clearing and maintaining irrigation ditches.
• Specifically skilled in repairing and maintaining farm vehicles such as tractors and mechanical equipment.
• Special talent in inspecting, grading, sorting, and storing crops.
• First-hand experience in loading agricultural products into trucks and tractors.
• Excellent ability to clean barns, as well as water troughs and run-in sheds.
• Proficient in operating farm equipment.
• Adept at ensuring the maintenance and safety of warehouse stocks, supplies, and equipment.
• Solid track record of effectually repairing fences, buildings, and equipment.
• Expert in loading and unloading delivery trucks of produce, seeds, fertilizer, and feed.

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