6 Dog Daycare Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 13, 2022

A dog daycare interview is a crucial stage in your hiring process.

In the good news, interviews are not the end of the world. But they do have a significant impact to build our confidence for the next interview.

An interview that is aced will make you stand high.

One that has not been successful may shatter your confidence for months. 

Keep your preparation simple but do prepare.

Refer to the set of interview questions and answers that follow:

6 Interview Questions and Answers for Dog Daycare Positions

1. Why did you choose to work as a dog daycare worker?

An inherent love for animals is perhaps my motivation to work as a dog daycare assistant. I feel that I have the ability to connect to canines like no other. They respond well to me, and I enjoy looking after them.

2. How do you handle unruly dogs? Do you have a specific strategy?

Since dogs sense that I am here not to harm them but to look after them, the problem of unruliness is not all that much of an issue. On the rare occasion that this does happen, I confer with their owners to ask for any special tricks and tips that they can provide to me, which might help me look after them in a better manner. For dogs who are uncontrollable, I always suggest training.

3. How many dogs can you walk in one session?

To be able to control dogs and ensure their safety correctly, I do not walk more than 4 dogs at a time, as I feel that this number is manageable.

4. What has been your biggest achievement in looking after animals in your career?

I was working as a volunteer for PETA when I helped rescue 42 dogs that were being exported to another country for nefarious purposes. I believe that rescuing and placing all of them in loving homes has been my biggest achievement so far.

5. What specific duties have you performed while working as a dog daycare assistant in the past?

Monitoring dogs within the daycare facility to ensure their comfort and safety is my prime duty. Additionally, I have been responsible for attending to their personal needs such as grooming and bathing while ensuring that they are adequately fed. I have also provided them with emotional support by communicating with them through words and actions.

6. What skills do you think are necessary to work as a dog daycare assistant?

Compassion is perhaps the most important thing when you are working in a role where you have to look after animals. Inherent love and respect for animals, the ability to communicate with them in not so human terms, and the capability of taking responsibility for their wellbeing and safety are also necessary.

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