Pipe Welder Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 1, 2016


Bring only one thing to the interview – confidence – and you are set.

While over confidence is hardly anything to celebrate, exhibiting self-assurance and poise is a great way of coming across as a candidate who knows his mind.

So the next time you are invited for an interview, take your positive attitude along.

Here is a set of questions and answers for a pipe welder position that will make your interview somewhat easier:


Pipe Welder Interview Questions and Answers

As a pipe welder, what is your initial concern before beginning a new project?
The first thing I like to have is schematics and blueprints of the premises where I need to perform the pipe laying or welding activities. Having a plan in front of me is what concerns me the most as working without a workable plan means that you are shooting arrows in the dark.

Provide us with details of some of the main duties that you have performed as a pipe welder in the past?
Working as a pipe welder, I have been responsible for performing pipe laying out activities, determining proper welds according to the type of pipes used, interpreting and determining dimensional information, laying out and positioning parts and assemblies, fabricating and installing components and parts, and utilizing hand and power tools to ensure that all this is done properly and in accordance to standards.

What type of skills does one need to be able to work effectively as a pipe welder?
Specific skills that a pipe welder requires include ability to cut and fit pipes, knowledge of reading and interpreting blueprints, capability of effectively modifying, designing and determining proper angling, and insight into rigging. Of course, an API welding certification helps.

How important is physical dexterity while working as a pipe welder?
Physical agility / dexterity is extremely important when working as a pipe welder. One has to work in cramped places quite often so it helps if one can kneel and stoop easily. Inclement and harsh weather conditions do not stop pipe welders from their work, especially during emergencies, so it is imperative for them to be able to work in these conditions.

What do you do to ensure workplace safety?
The first thing that I make sure when starting my work is to clear my work site of any debris or hazardous materials. I also ensure that all safety precautions are taken during welding processes. If I discover that any part of the project is not adhering to safety protocols, I stop my work until adherence is ensured.

What personal attributes do you possess that make you an extraordinary person to hire as a pipe welder?
Pipe welders do not work solo every time – the ability to work with people effectively is of high priority in this work. I am a dependable and trustworthy individual who possesses a positive attitude and the ability to credit team members when credit is due. Additionally, I can work both independently and in a team environment with equal expertise.