Warehouse Trainer Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 15, 2020

Why would an organization hire the services of a warehouse trainer when a supervisor can do the same job?

The answer to this lies in the fact that trainers have one specific thing that they need to concentrate on – training – while supervisors have a lot of other things on their plate too, including handling warehouse issues and overseeing staff members.

So if you feel that you are the perfect person to work as a warehouse trainer, you will need to be confident in the fact that you are yourself trained!

Before you begin writing a resume to apply for a warehouse trainer position, you should make sure that you are well-qualified for it. You may be a great warehouse supervisor who has trained many people in a warehouse setting, but that does not necessarily make you a good trainer as well.

Warehouse trainers are individuals who are dedicated to the task of training and developing personnel on all levels – including order pullers and supervisors.

They determine the training needs of each warehouse facility that they are assigned and ensure that appropriate programs and training methodologies are created and implemented to meet these needs. 

Typical duties of a warehouse trainer include:

Job Description for Warehouse Trainer Resume

• Assess the training needs of each assigned warehouse environment by scrutinizing facilities and engaging employees into the conversation
• Create landmarks to be achieved through training methods and create training plans
• Design training solutions to meet the individual needs of each employee at each level
• Conduct training and development programs such as operational training and leadership development
• Train all newly hired individuals and those inducted through job rotation activities by ensuring that they comprehend warehouse processes
• Observe the employees to determine the efficacy of training programs and ensure that any additional training requirements are fulfilled
• Exhibit and practice positive communications and team-building skills with trainees to ensure a consistently professional environment
• Document each training program and module properly and provide follow up for refresher training courses
• Ensure that trainees are aware of order accuracy procedures and conformity at each stage of the training
• Write SOPs and deliverables for workplace efficiency and safety and ensure that each member is aware of associated rules
• Provide on-site and theoretical training in operations and supervision and ensure that all methodologies used are in sync with standard training procedures

Educational Requirements

To work as a warehouse trainer, you have to possess a high school diploma – some companies require a bachelor’s degree in business as well.

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