Warehouse Selector Job Description, Duties & Responsibilities

Updated May 18, 2022
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Warehouse Selector Job Description

Warehouse Selectors work under the supervision of a warehouse manager.

They are responsible for assembling and selecting cases from pick slots for store orders in a correct, efficient, and useful manner. 

Also, they assemble orders onto pallets using a pallet jack, forklift, or other equipment.

The following is a list of general duties and responsibilities of a Warehouse Selector. 

If you are in the process of building or updating your resume, you may select 5 to 6 phrases from the following list to make an effective resume.

Warehouse Selector Duties and Responsibilities

  • Take instructions for picking orders and study them closely.
  • Look for requested merchandise in the company database and establish the aisle/row and shelf it is placed on.
  • Use the order navigation system to determine the location and available quantity of the requested items.
  • Physically visit the identified aisle and look for the requested item.
  • Match identified item against batcha and item number stated on the order form.
  • Arrange to pick up items using a forklift or pick them up and transport them to the packaging area.
  • Prepare and load merchandise to a specific warehouse location.
  • Determine the fragility of the item to identify the need for special packing.
  • Sort delivered items according to type and batch numbers before placing them on shelves.
  • Operate warehouse equipment in a secure and considerate manner.
  • Keep appropriate batteries and fuel in assigned equipment.
  • Observe, report, and correct all hazardous and unclean conditions that could cause worker or client accidents.
  • Report any out-of-order vehicles to the supervisor.
  • Make sure that all cases and pallets are correctly identified with the accurate store number.
  • Secure chosen cases and conduct closing pallet preparations.
  • Arrange and place assembled case pick pallets and shift the assembled pallets from picking areas to a dock door.
  • Perform visual and operational vehicle security inspections.
  • Carry out count/exception on pick slot locations if amounts are less than requested.
  • Correctly label product so that label can be seen from outside.
  • Use a headset or pick sheet to find items.
  • Recognize each pallet by route number and batch number.
  • Carry out pre-shift checks of equipment.
  • Perform vehicle safety inspections visually and operationally.
  • Report any insecure vehicles to the shift supervisor or maintenance staff.
  • Breakdown and restack merchandise from pallets during random audits.
  • Verify the quantity of the products.
  • Ensure items pick accurately and safely to prevent loss and damage.
  • Inform the administrator of any difference in the quantity or product description.
  • Maintain a sanitary and safe work environment.
  • Acquire boxes or cartons for picked items and box them properly.
  • Update inventory information and create invoices for sent items and receipts for received items.
  • Provide low inventory information to supervise in a bid to acquire merchandise in time for picking and delivery procedures.

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