Warehouse Helper Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 27, 2019

A Warehouse Helper cover letter provides you with an additional chance to convince the employer of the viability of your candidacy.

Do you really afford to miss it? Nobody does.


Here are some questions you need to address as you set yourself to the task of writing a cover letter for a warehouse helper position:

• Who is your audience? Is your tone appealing to them?

• Does your letter reflect your personality?

• Is your letter relevant to the job?

• What are the exact requirements of the employer? Does your letter speak to their needs?

• Is your letter using a consistent format? Is it easy to read?

• Does the letter have an appealing start and an impressive proactive ending?

Below is a sample cover letter for a warehouse worker resume for further ideas.


Warehouse Helper Cover Letter Example



Gary Simon
450 Mega Lane, Tulsa, OK 89002 
(006) 333-8222

August 27, 2019

Mr. Gary Ross
HR Manager
Caliber Warehouse
313 Nice Lane
Tulsa, OK 89002


Dear Mr. Ross:

If a person with the competencies mentioned below suits your needs for a warehouse helper, then we have a good reason to meet.

– Well versed in running quality assurance tests on received merchandise.

– Expert in picking, packing, unloading and loading merchandise on trucks to be dispatched.

– Strong clerical and mathematical skills.

– Proficient in maintaining inventory levels and keeping records of all orders and shipments.

– Excellent attention to detail with the ability to follow instructions to book.

6+ years of work experience with two different busy warehouses in the Tulsa region has rendered me well versed in daily operations of a busy warehouse. I fully understand and adhere to the OSHA workplace safety guidelines and my skills in operating pallet jack and fork lifting are matchless. Professionalism is my way of work and that is why my services have always been commended by my previous employers.

Being a proactive thinker, I am one of those people who anticipate the customer’s requirements and go the extra mile to cater for them without being asked to. My proven organizational skills and track record of packing and shipping various merchandise of fragile nature without a single breakage augment my profile further, giving me an edge over other applicants.

I am free when you are, to discuss the position further and to demonstrate how my hiring could prove to be beneficial for your firm. I will be contacting your secretary to obtain an interview date and time by the end of this week. In the interim, should you have any questions regarding my expertise and qualifications, I will be happy to answer.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Gary Simon