Dog Trainer Cover Letter Sample

Updated: February 1, 2021
Dog Trainer

Dog trainers are extraordinary people as they can perform miracles with canines. They can take unruly canines and convert them into obedient pets.

Dog trainers are required to teach dogs common commands like staying and sitting along with ensuring that they learn road sense and potty management.

The work of a dog trainer is far from easy but can be quite fulfilling especially for dog lovers.

There is no degree needed for this position although some background in animal behavioral sciences can make a huge difference in how you work.

The following is a cover letter sample for this position that may help in your job application endeavors.

Dog Trainer Cover Letter Example

Siam Longwood
58 Main Street
Cortland, NY 77333
(999) 999-9321
siam @ email . com

February 1, 2021

Ms. Amanda Hurst
Manager Human Resources
Canine Wonders
783 Edison Avenue
Cortland, NY 66733

Dear Ms. Hurst:

I am writing to apply for a Dog Trainer position at Canine Wonders. As a successful dog trainer with over five years of experience training canines in different capacities, I am poised to leverage my expertise for the success of your company.

My most recent success includes training gym tricks to Rottweiler dogs for a dog show in Cortland, and my dog won first prize! I believe that dogs need love and a little bit of discipline which can work wonders for them. I am highly skilled in training dogs for specific tasks such as wheelchair pushing, opening and closing doors, and performing play tricks. Working in a kennel most of my professional life, I am well versed now with all the skills that one needs to employ to train dogs in all manners. I am compassionate by nature and my love for animals is favorite amongst my circle of dog trainers.

I look forward to working with Canine Wonders as I see myself doing a lot in terms of obedience and specialized training. I work towards one goal only – training canines to make their owners happy – I would gladly bring this expertise to your training center.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Siam Longwood