Radiation Therapist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 26, 2022

A Radiation Therapist Cover Letter is a very important document that is required to apply for a job. The ideal length for a cover letter for Radiation Therapist is approximately one page.

A cover letter is usually divided into three paragraphs.

– The first paragraph is a short paragraph stating your interest in the position. It is advised to be as creative as you can since the first impression counts. Try to catch the reader’s attention with a unique opening.

Middle paragraph(s) forms the main body of your cover letter. Dedicate this part to creating relevance to your profile and the job requirements. Be as objective as possible to ensure proper optimization of your core competencies.

– The last paragraph is as important as the first one. That is where you will need to make sure you ask for an interview and end on a note of excitement to show maximum interest.

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Radiation Therapist Cover Letter Example

Richard James
544 Caledonia Rd
Asheville, NC 56212
(000) 895-2532
[email protected]

December 26, 2022

Martin Guilford
HR Manager
Mission Health
677 Alexander Drive
Asheville, NC 56212

Dear Mr. Guilford:

I was going through your mission statement the other day, and I highly appreciate that you mentioned ‘valuing the life of every person.’ The field of medicine is so rapidly being commercialized that I was quite drawn toward this touch of humanity.

I wish to join your team in the capacity of a radiation therapist. I have enclosed my detailed resume for your consideration, however, some highlights of my profile follow:

  • Registered Radiation Therapist (ARRT)
  • Capable of client handling and explaining the treatment plans
  • In-depth knowledge of modern techniques and equipment used in radiotherapy
  • Member of the Radio-Oncology Research Committee
  • Well-practiced in conducting simulated treatments for various skin issues

Since you have specifically mentioned the need for knowledge regarding post-operational radiology treatments, I’d like to say here that I have had first-hand experience with the same since I was responsible for treating postoperative patients with radiotherapy at my previous workplace. Fully equipped with safety guidelines associated with the handling of radiology equipment, I am also very good at fixing equipment malfunctions.

I am eager to talk to you about my accomplishments and expertise as a radiology therapist and how I can enhance the performance of the radiology department at Mission Health by joining the force. I will call you next week to implore the possibility of having an interview with you and the recruitment committee. My numbers are mentioned above in case you need to speak earlier.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


(Sign here)
Richard James

Encl. Resume

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