Art Therapist Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: July 14, 2020

Working as an art therapist is an extremely interesting thing to do. However, writing a professional Art Therapist Resume is not very easy.

 How to Write a Good Resume for Art Therapist?

Firstly, your resume has to possess the right type of information for you to be considered for the job.

Secondly, you must highlight the many reasons that you are the best person, even though a dozen others have applied for the same position.

Providing expressive therapy to people suffering from emotional turmoil is not the easiest thing.

But if you are experienced in it, you can write a resume that will highlight you as the best person to hire.

Here is how you can do this:

Sample Resume for Art Therapist 

Joe Miller
46 Brown Road, Velva, ND 12312
(000) 999-9999


Top-performing Art therapist with 11 years of experience using art as therapy in order to benefit patients/clients suffering from trauma. Well-versed in using the process of self-expression to help clients understand emotional conflicts, and effectively deal with them.

• Successfully rehabilitated 98% of assigned clients, through the implementation of art therapy.
• Introduced the concept of art therapy to major hospitals, as a result, increased interest in the form.
• Implemented a unique needs assessment system, hence, decreased time is taken to determine clients’ specific requirements by 65%.
• Devised a client liaison plan, considered 50% more efficient than the one already in place.

• Client Liaison
• History Determination
• Task Facilitation
• Plan Management
• Therapy Implementation
• Workshops Management
• Treatment Methodologies
• Patient Referral
• Needs Assessment


Art Therapist
EDCO Collaborative, Velva, ND| 2014-present
• Conferred with clients’ families and doctors in order to determine emotional states
• Engage clients in conversation to decipher their personalities
• Take and record notes of problem and limitations
• Develop art therapy plans in accordance with each client’s specific needs
• Devise imaginative and therapeutic programs which take into account the preferences of each client
• Perform needs assessments in order to determine each client’s specific issues
• Follow through on program goals and objectives
• Maintain an open line of communication with clients and their families
• Provide therapy in group lessons, as well as individual ones
• Complete and submit client information and progress documents

Art Therapy Assistant
Center for Alternatives, Velva, ND | 2008-2014
• Assisted in obtaining client information, and documenting it properly
• Supported intake processes by taking down and recording information
• Customized therapy programs according to the specific needs of each client
• Assisted in the design of therapy programs for groups and individuals

Master’s Degree in Art Therapy
North Dakota Art School, Velva, ND – 2005

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