Sterile Processing Technician Skills for Resume

Updated on: March 26, 2021

It is not very often that anyone will tell you to get your act together when writing the skills section on your Sterile Processing Technician Resume. Why?

Because most people are unaware of how important this particular section in a resume is. There is a great chance that if this section is properly handled, you will reach the next stage – the interview level – without much problem.

The problem remains – what does one write in a skills section?

The answer is obvious – all your skills. It may be easy to just say that writing your skills is important, but it is not that easy to actually pin them down. There are many considerations.

What does the hiring manager want to see?

This should be your target. As skills statements go, you should be able to write all there is about how well-suited you are for the job that you are applying for.

Pick up phrases and words that a hiring manager has written in the advertisement, and use them in your skills statements. This will tell the hiring manager two things – how attentive you are, and how perfect you are for the job that he or she is offering.

Remember that it is your ability to do certain tasks, or a series of them, which will get a hiring manager to look kindly at your candidature. The following skills statements can be used as reference points to write your own:

Sample Skills for Sterile Processing Technician Resume

• Demonstrated ability to choose the right type of sterilization procedure for assigned instruments and equipment.

• Qualified to handle and perform decontamination procedures on equipment and reusable instruments, in sync with the facility’s protocols.

• Effectively able to collect used equipment and tools, and run them through scanning processes to determine contamination levels.

• Proficient in prepping and packing decontaminated tools, aiming to perform sterilization procedures on them.

• Proven ability to assemble and wrap decontaminated and sterilized tools, in a manner consistent with the facility’s policies.

• Track record of effectively monitoring biological and chemical wash solutions, to ensure quality and consistency for decontamination of instruments and medical equipment.

• Competent in sorting mismatched sets of instruments and trays, and make them available to sterile processing procedures.

• Highly skilled in handling restocking, labeling and inventory management duties, to ensure a consistent supply of instruments and medical supplies.

• Experienced in performing environmental maintenance duties, along with ensuring that inventory levels are properly maintained.

• Familiar with performing equipment function verifications, ensuring that it is in good working order.