Ski Technician Job Description

Updated on: January 27, 2018

Position Overview

Contrary to what the designation is coined, the work of a ski technician is not all technical.

Even though there is a technical end to this, a ski technician performs a lot of frontend, customer service duties.

The work of a ski technician includes fitting customers or guests with skiing equipment and supplies, and providing them with initial skiing information and guidance.

Position Requirements

While it is not imperative to possess a degree or any formal education to work as a ski technician, it does help if you know most of what there is to know about skiing and snowboarding.

A high school diploma/GED or equivalent is usually required to work at this position.

Apart from this, it is important for people working as ski technicians to be pleasant by nature, and possess the ability to handle sales work. Since many ski technicians are stationed in retail stores, they are often in touch with customers and guests, which is why they have to know all there is to know about customer services, customer satisfaction, and complaint handling.

Ski technicians are also required to make sure that any rented equipment is properly logged into the system, and returns are checked for damages and need for repairs. If this is the work that you want to do, here is a list of duties that you will need to look into:


Ski Technician Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet customers or guests as the enter the ski resort or rental shop, and provide them with information on available skiing and snowboarding equipment and supplies.

• Assist customers with equipment and supplies fitting, ensuring that they are made aware of the use and care of each item.

• Provide customers with support in selecting the right items, and ensure that they are properly adjusted on their bodies.

• Educate customers about safety precautions required during skiing and snowboarding activities.

• Tune, repair, and store equipment and supplies according to vendor or manufacturers’ instructions.

• Ascertain that the function of each item is communicated to the customer, and provide answers to any additional queries.

• Respond to customers in a positive manner, especially when they are relating a problem or issues, and attempt to resolve it on immediate basis.

• Complete required documentation for each rental and sale, ensuring that receipts and change are tendered.

• Oversee the repair, cleaning and maintenance of rented equipment, both in a preventative and regular capacity.

• Ascertain that the assigned store is properly operated, and that any need for maintenance is communicated to the supervisor.