11 Nail Technician Hard Skills for Resume

Updated on: May 26, 2022

It is alarming how much depends on skills when one is applying for a job, especially when one has not thought about placing skills information in a resume.

Working at any position in the world requires a certain type of skill, and if you don’t mention it on your resume, you are not doing yourself any favors.

Most hiring managers will judge you not based on your experience, but on how competent you are to do the job.

And this will leave you in the lurch if you do not come up with at least some of your competencies in the areas where you are required to work.

Remember that skills information is imperative to the success of a resume.

How exactly are hard skills written in a resume?

In the form of statements that highlight how well you can work once hired.

These statements do not have to be clichéd – in fact, it is best if they aren’t.

You need to be able to articulate how well you can work, and what it is that makes you a treat to work with.

Remember that hiring managers look for people who are skilled in all areas of a specific job, so make sure that you find out what these areas are, and write skills statements according to them.

For a nail technician position, the following skills statements will suffice on a resume:

Sample Hard Skills Statements for Nail Technician Resume

  1. Determining what clients require in terms of nail grooming and art, and providing them with exact services.
  2. Making preparations for all nail grooming, painting, and art services, according to specified procedures.
  3. Scheduling appointments with clients, and ensuring that appropriate follow-up is performed.
  4. Ensuring that hygiene procedures and safe usage of chemicals and products are followed.
  5. Performing manicures and pedicures, by cleaning and shaping nails.
  6. Restoring healthy nails, by performing required activities and using the right products.
  7. Performing glycerin treatments for nails, by following set procedures and instructions.
  8. Performing nail, hand, and foot massages, aimed at providing relief to clients and ensuring a healthy blood supply.
  9. Ensuring the delivery of exceptional nail services, aimed at repeat business opportunities.
  10. Performing a wide variety of nail care techniques, while keeping clients’ specific requirements a priority.
  11. Overseeing inventory of supplies and instruments required for nail grooming, nail painting, and nail art.

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