Mechanical Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: July 7, 2022

A mechanical technician resume is not considered a complete document unless it has all the information that can be used successfully to choose you as an employee.

Gone are the days when you could write anything you wanted in a resume, including your date of birth and marital status, and get away with it.

Now, you have to be precise about your skills and experiences.

Compose your resume a little like the example given below:

Mechanical Technician Resume Example

Fred Steller
65 N 44th Street
Spearfish, SD 52321
(000) 541-5211
fredsteller @ email . com


Technically savvy and experienced mechanical technician, with over 5 years of track record of maintaining, diagnosing, and repairing diesel engines, centrifugal pumps, conveyor systems, electromechanical equipment, and pressure equipment. Highly skilled in ensuring conformance to safety and operational standards, with a special focus on ensuring the continuous operation of mechanical equipment.

• Adept at diagnosing problems with electromechanical and mechanical equipment, focusing on early detection and repair.
• Highly skilled in performing both predictive and regular maintenance on mechanical systems on a regular basis
• Proficient in installing and repairing new or reconditioned parts to ensure that mechanical and other assigned systems work flawlessly.
• Well-versed in using diagnostic equipment such as DVOM, Cat ET, and Pro-Link.

✓ Preventative Maintenance ✓ System Inspection
✓ Lifting Devices Operations ✓ Diagnostic Equipment Use
✓ Component Replacement ✓ Downtime Minimization
✓ Disassembling Support ✓ Measuring and Testing
✓ Troubleshooting and Repair ✓ Parts Reconditioning
✓ Mechanical Devices Operations ✓ Vibration Analysis

• Reduced downtime by 85% by installing a backup system that kicked in within 5 minutes of a system failure.
• Suggested inspecting systems on a daily basis, which resulted in diagnosing problems before they become crises.
• Introduced the concept of predictive maintenance, reducing incidents of equipment breakdown by 85%.
• Trained three batches of apprentice technicians over a period of 2 years.


Mechanical Technician
Oceaneering, Spearfish, SD
2018 – Present
• Assess equipment at the beginning of each shift and ensure that it is in proper working condition.
• Calibrate mechanical equipment according to specified protocols to ensure that it works in sync with standards.
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on systems such as diesel engines, transmissions, winches, and high-pressure pumps.
• Ensure that all electromechanical equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and pressure equipment are in good working condition.
• Perform basic troubleshooting on electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic systems, paying particular attention to minimizing downtime.
• Construct and assemble components according to drawing packages, and ensure that quality standards are met at every point.
• Clean and prepare all equipment scheduled for shipment to other locations or customers.
• Provide assistance in the fabrication, assembly, and integration of mechanical and electromechanical systems.

Mechanical Technician Apprentice
KBR Wyle, Spearfish, SD
2016 – 2018
• Assisted in calibrating mechanical and electromechanical systems to ensure that they work effectively throughout the shift.
• Installed, built, and tested components, parts, and equipment according to specified instructions.
• Maintained and troubleshot equipment and mechanical hardware.
• Constructed elements, subunits, and simple models by following defined layouts and diagrams.
• Assisted in determining if adjustments to equipment were necessary and made minor changes according to specified instructions.

High School Diploma
Spearfish High School, Spearfish, SD