Fire Alarm Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: May 9, 2022
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There is a certain way in which a fire alarm technician’s resume needs to be crafted.

That is to say, your resume must highlight your ability to install and maintain fire alarms of different complexities.

Also, it should show how well-versed you are in handling troubleshooting work.

A fire alarm technician will need to convince the recruiter that he is an excellent choice to hire, through the resume.

Although this is not an easy task, a suitable format and well-placed content will help immensely.

Here is a resume sample for a fire alarm technician position:

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Fire Alarm Technician Resume Sample

Jimmy Paige
564 Yaun Road
St Petersburg, FL 10928
(000) 999-9999


Detail-oriented, and self-reliant Fire Alarm Technician with 7+ years of experience in determining fire alarm requirements, as well as installing required ones. Ability to maintain and repair fire systems in order to ensure constant functionality.

• Blueprint Comprehension
• Control Panel Management
• Cable Feeding
• Systems Examination
• Downtime Minimization

• Troubleshoot a particularly difficult problem with the fire alarm system, while ensuring zero downtime.
• Implemented an examination system, as a result, decreased system downtime incidents.
• Devised a control panel management standard, hence increased efficiency.


Fire Alarm Technician
Home Solutions Inc., St. Petersburg, FL   
• Confer with customers to determine their specific needs for fire alarms.
• Perform inspections of buildings in order to assess fire alarm requirements.
• Create cost estimates and have them approved by customers.
• Gather tools and materials such as drills, nails, cables, and wires.
• Install and check fire alarm systems.
• Mount and fasten control panels to connect components.
• Demonstrate fire alarm systems for customers’ benefit.
• Test and calibrate fire alarm systems to ensure flawless functioning.
• Examine systems to locate problems such as loose connections and broken insulation.
• Test backup batteries, as well as handle keypad programming activities.
• Drill holes for wiring, and run cables and wires through them.

Fire Alarm Apprentice
Home Inc., St. Petersburg, FL         
• Cleared the workplace in order to make way for work processes.
• Assisted technicians by arranging for tools and materials.
• Drilled holes in walls, roofs, and cavities as per instructions.
• Assisted in planning work procedures.
• Prepared documents such as invoices and warranty.

High School Diploma
St. Petersburg High School, St. Petersburg, FL 

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