Environmental Services Technician Job Description

Updated on: April 3, 2019

Position Overview

The main work of an environmental services technician is to clean and sanitize assigned areas in hospitals.

These individual are hired particularly to ensure the constant upkeep of a hospital or a healthcare facility.


Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as an environmental services technician.

However, previous experience in this regard will be considered a plus point. Moreover, you must be skilled in many areas such as using chemicals and operating buffing machines.

Furthermore, an environmental services technician must possess a certain skills set. For example, he or she should know how to make beds, perform sanitization processes, and handle infection control procedures.

Even though the work seems straightforward, working as an environmental services technician is hard work. A lot of physical tasks need to be performed. Also, one needs to be on one’s feet all the time.

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If working as an environmental services technician is what you want to do, have a look at the following list of duties particular to this position:

Environmental Services Technician Job Description

• Obtain and understand work orders regarding cleaning and sanitizing.

• Acquire supplies and equipment such as chemicals and buffing machines.

• Set up as well as calibrate cleaning and buffing machines.

• Mix safe amounts of cleaning liquids in order to make the right concoctions.

• Perform cleaning activities such as dusting, sweeping, and mopping.

• Maintain all areas of the hospital, for instance,non-patient areas, offices, and common rooms.

• Handle chemicals by following infection control policies.

• Ensure that infection control procedures are properly followed.

• Remove as well as dispose of trash according to set protocols.

• Sterilize operating rooms according to set standards and procedures.

• Create and implement daily work schedules for self and others.

• Mop floors by ensuring the use of correct chemical mixes.

• Distribute and track linens used per department.

• Restock items such as toilet paper, towels, and soaps in bathrooms and restrooms.

• Keep all workplaces clean and sanitized at all times.

• Strip beds of dirty or soiled linen, and clean mattresses.

• Place fresh bedsheets on patients’ beds on a regular basis.

• Clean as well as sanitize bedposts and side tables.

• Oversee inventory of supplies, for example, cleaning liquids and chemicals.

• Inform supervisors of low stock situations.

• Create and maintain effective liaison with vendors to ensure timely delivery of supplies.

• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on equipment such as floor buffers and cleaners.

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