Broadcast Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: March 16, 2021
How to Write a Professional Resume for a broadcast Technician Position?

One possible way to write an effective Broadcast Technician resume is to conduct some market research on the hiring firm, identify their expectations and address the same in your resume. It might sound hard, but it works well, and most successful candidates practice it.

Another critical point to consider while building a Broadcast Technician resume is to include nothing but relevant information.

Chances might be that you started your career with some odd job or a job irrelevant to broadcasting.

You may skip that experience in your current resume and focus on the relevant skills and experience instead.

You must realize that all that available space in your resume is very precious, and every millimeter of it needs to be utilized astutely!

Sample Resume for Broadcast Technician Position

Kate Jonathan
766 Hackle Sq, Cheyenne, WY 76303
(004) 333-2222
[email protected]


SEB and CET certified broadcast technician with 6+ years of extensive experience in the field. Proficient in signal quality monitoring, AV broadcast equipment maintenance, and editing using linear and nonlinear production systems.

• Substantial knowledge of broadcast program resourcing, recording, and playout techniques
• Familiar with master control automated switching, IT infrastructure, closed-circuit environments, media server and router applications
• Skilled in antenna, amplifier, M&C systems, ASI, HD, and SDI configuration
• Adept at utilizing AC generators, UPS, and ATS power backup systems as and when required
• Track record of ensuring smooth and quality transmission of audiovisual signals to radio and TV receptors

• RCTV Transmission
• Graphics Enhancement
• Beta SP
• Adobe Photoshop

• Provided extensive training to six new employees in broadcasting procedures including color and picture/sound quality protocols
• Introduced a unique signal amplification system that enhanced signal quality by 20% and subsequently reduced customer complaints


Broadcast Technician
EchoStar, Cheyenne, WY 
April 2018 – Present
• Perform regular signal quality control checks and troubleshoot any quality compromises
• Pick up pre-approved media source, select suitable videotaping equipment and assist in the recording of the programs to be transmitted
• Wire AV patch aids using socket equipment as and when needed
• Maintain equipment repairs inventory in an updated condition

Broadcast Technician
Samsung, Cheyenne, WY
June 2005 – March 2018
• Installed broadcasting equipment as per company standards and requirements
• Worked in coordination with the IT department for ensuring signal quality
• Fixed routine broadcasting problems and conducted preventive maintenance for the same

AS Degree in Broadcasting Technology
Maple College, Cheyenne, WY | 2007

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