Direct Support Professional Objectives for Resume

Updated on: September 23, 2016

No matter how much you run from them, resume objectives always catch up, making it a horror for us to create sentences to justify our resumes! Yes, the whole resume is about creating sentences and statements, but the resume objective is a class apart. You cannot write a resume directly – you have to “open” it somehow.

The resume objective gives you a chance to organize your thoughts. As soon as you finish writing it, you know what direction your resume will take. But how do you know what to write in the objective? See, both resume and resume objective depend on each other to be considered “solid and meaningful”. The resume objective cannot be written if you do not know what the rest of the resume is going to state. And the “rest of the resume” may not be such a great read if it doesn’t conform to the objective that you have placed as the opening of the document.

There is a trick to make all of this fall into place. Researching the position thoroughly, creating a resume objective and following the objective to write the rest of the resume is what you need to do – and this needs to be carried out in this order. So let’s get to the first thing – writing a resume objective. Here are a few examples:

Sample Objectives for Direct Support Professional Resume

• Desire a position as a Direct Support Professional at Homeward Bound Inc. Offering 5-plus-year track record of providing level one, direct patient care by ensuring maintenance of patients’ dignity and wellbeing.

• Compassionate and kind-hearted individual looking for a Direct Support Professional position at Friendship Community Care. Bringing 3+ years’ hands-on experience in providing direct care, in a bid to promote good health and wellbeing. Well-versed in assisting patients with physical disabilities, while remaining calm and tactful at all times.

• Top performing Direct Support Professional seeking a position at ResCare. Offering exceptional ability to plan and support patients’ daily activities such as household chores, recreational activities and physical fitness.

• Responsible, self-reliant and conscientious individual looking for a Direct Support Professional position with The Caregivers. Eager to apply skills in developing and implementing support plans, including spiritual life supports, to patients with physical and emotional / mental disabilities.

• Highly experienced Direct Support Professional seeking a position at Creative Innervisions. Proficient in direct patient support, health maintenance, behavior development and patient advocacy, along with providing operational and physical support.