Maintenance Supervisor Job Description for Resume

Updated on: December 18, 2017

Position Overview

A maintenance supervisor may work across many industries, including production companies, and residential and commercial facilities.

The basic work of an individual working at this position is to make sure that the maintenance of the assigned area or equipment (or both) is properly handled, and the staff members responsible for this maintenance are overseen.

Position Requirements

Working as a maintenance supervisor means that you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least. If you have some exposure to this work in a related capacity, you will of course be considered a better choice to hire than others who don’t.

Physical dexterity and agility is one of the prime requirements of this work, as you have to be on your feet most of the time, and manage bending and stooping work.

In addition to this, it is important that you possess exceptional knowledge of building automation systems and equipment, security systems, and power generation plants. Moreover, working as a maintenance supervisor means that you will need to possess exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written, as you will be communicating with people on a regular basis. Typically, the work of a maintenance supervisor requires great analytic abilities, and technical expertise.

As a maintenance supervisor, you will be performing some or all of the duties listed below, depending on what your placement of work is.


Job Description for Maintenance Supervisor Resume

• Lead the ongoing maintenance of facilities and equipment, placing special focus on minimization of downtime.

• Manage all aspects of environmental health and safety conformance, and improvement initiatives.

• Direct the installation and maintenance of assigned buildings and building systems, and ensure the operations of the HVAC systems.

• Provide guidance and oversight to maintenance personnel on all shifts in daily operations.

• Develop, maintain, and implement preventative maintenance programs, and ensure that they are properly carried out.

• Ascertain the safe and efficient maintenance of facilities and equipment through effective leadership and supervision.

• Perform selections of maintenance staff members, through rigorous screening methods.

• Inspect facilities and equipment periodically to determine problems and necessary maintenance required for them.

• Hire and supervise the work of tradesmen such as electricians and plumbers, during installations, repairs and maintenance work.

• Develop maintenance budgets and ensure that proper compliance is maintained with them.

• Monitor the inventory of materials and equipment, ensuring that low stock situations do not arise.

• Inspect machines, equipment, and facilities to ensure that any safety issues are identified, and resolved on immediate basis.