Youth Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on January 6, 2019

At the time of writing a resume for a youth specialist position, make sure that you possess all the information.

This would include how well-versed you are in handling problems associated with youth – and your experience in it.

Choosing the right format is important. So is the way in which you place information into the resume.

Specifically, you should focus on how perfect you are for the position, owing to your exposure to providing youth in the right direction.

As a youth specialist, it is important that you highlight your skills and achievements.

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Here is a resume sample for a youth specialist position to help you write your own:

Youth Specialist Resume Sample

Fred O’Brian
112 Grants Road, King of Prussia, PA55503
(000) 999-9999


Youth specialist with 8+ years’ hands-on experience in helping children and young adults to help them come to terms with their circumstances. Expert is providing emotional and mental health assistance. Effectively able to improve social and psychological welfare by ensuring receipt of proper care.

• Introduced the concept of individualized service plans, hence, increased client interest in the service.
• Implemented an anger management program, helping 200 clients in meeting their goals.
• Significantly improved ties between clients and their families, through the implementation of well-placed bonding systems.
• Explicitly developed lifestyle changing programs for clients.


Youth Specialist
SAFY, King of Prussia, PA | 9/2013 – Present
• Engage clients in conversation in order to determine their personalities.
• Provide clients with clear information regarding possible assistance.
• Advise parents and guardians about available resources and programs.
• Counsel clients in order to meet their social and psychological needs.
• Develop and implement individualized service plans.
• Oversee clients to determine problematic behavior.
• Diffuse problem behavior through behavior management strategies.
• Conduct outreach activities.
• Provide information such as plan efficacy and progress to family members.
• Intervene in a crises situation, for example, self-harm or suicide attempts.

Youth Specialist
Rainbow Services, King of Prussia, PA | 2/2010 – 9/2013
• Counseled clients in order to help them deal with their problems.
• Monitored clients to ensure their safety.
• Assisted in the treatment and rehabilitation of residents.
• Maintained unit environments.
• Assisted youth in participating in daily activities.

High School Diploma
St. James High School, King of Prussia, PA – 2005


Cognitive Behavior TherapyChemical DependencyVictim Awareness
CounsellingAnger ManagementMental Health Assistance
Home VisitsIn-facility CareIndividual Service Plans
Crises ManagementPlacement AssistanceLifestyle Changes

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