Renovation Specialist Job Description

Updated on: October 29, 2016

A renovation specialist is an individual who has great aesthetic sense when it comes to revamping commercial and residential buildings. When you want to redo the inside or the outside of your house, your first option is to consult a renovation specialist to determine how to go about it. The job of a renovation specialist is not just creative – it is technical too. Knowledge of safety hazards, plumbing and electrical works is imperative if you want to work as a renovation specialist.

Minimum requirements to work as a renovation specialist include a high school diploma (or a GED), along with some experience in building maintenance and upkeep. You will need to possess a great aesthetic sense and the ability to communicate well if you want to work at this position. Additionally, you will need to be knowledgeable about HVAC systems, safety equipment and power tools of the trade. The ability to organize your project, oversee the work of laborers, and knowledge of turn processes is also important in this work. As a renovation specialist, you must be an insightful individual so that you can determine clients’ specific requirements and translate them into actualities.

Some of the job duties that a renovation specialist performs include:

Renovation Specialist Job Description

• Confer with clients to determine their specific commercial or residential renovation requirements
• Determine budgets set for each renovation project and research specifics such as design and materials required
• Create proposals for clients to provide them with a heads up on possible expense
• Perform surveys of buildings (both interior and exterior) to determine type of material required, and number of workers needed
• Provide suggestions for rearranging kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms according to selected designs
• Create cost estimates for each renovation project and obtain clients’ approvals
• Gather a team of professionals such as interior designers and HVAC technicians for each job assignment
• Instruct renovation team members on how to go about each module, including remodeling, painting and reconstructing facades
• Supervise the work of each team member to ensure that it is being done properly and on time
• Keep clients abreast of renovation projects by providing them regular updates and tours of the site under renovation
• Accept suggestions from clients and attempt to incorporate them into the project
• Provide direction to team members for complicated renovation projects, in a bid to keep their work quality at par
• Create and process bills for services rendered and follow up on payments