Eligibility Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 24, 2023

While an eligibility specialist resume is considered a complete document, it has to be accompanied by a cover letter.

A cover letter for an eligibility specialist position does a little more than simply complement a resume on a superficial level.

It provides the person reading it with important information regarding the applicant, which the resume is unable to provide.

Remember that the resume “edicts” information but a cover letter “talks” to the reader. Here is a sample to tell you how this is done:

Eligibility Specialist Cover Letter Example

Hiro Monaki
658 West Street
New York, NY 10211
(000) 745-1245

January 24, 2023

Mr. Charles Harper
Human Resource Manager
Rupert Services
673 Hail Avenue
New York, NY 01210

Dear Mr. Harper:

Rupert Services is best known for its high rate of ensuring that eligible applicants receive the medical services that they need from both the public and the private health sector. With a great interest in adding to the reputation of the facility in a positive manner, I would like to focus your attention on my suitability to work as an eligibility specialist here.

As the attached resume indicates, I have deep insight into determining the eligibility of applicants looking for medical services. My specific talents lie in supporting the full operations of eligibility services, with a special focus on applicant advocacy and the success of submitted eligibility claims. Successfully overseeing the maintenance of single point of entries, and effectively analyzing and teaching eligibility processes is my niche.

Possessing a solid track record of facilitating submissions through cumbersome medical services protocols over the past 6 years, I am sure that my entry into your organization will be a fruitful one. If provided with a chance, I can go into further detail about how I fit into your organization owing to the many “superpowers” that I possess in this arena.

I am positive that once you have gone through my resume, you will know exactly what my capabilities are as far as screening applicants, and leading them through eligibility services are concerned. To elaborate further, I will contact your office after a few days. In the meantime, I can be contacted at (000) 745-1245.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Hiro Monaki

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