Early Intervention Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on: February 5, 2024

If you’re looking to craft a standout resume as an Early Intervention Specialist, the following sample serves as an excellent template. This resume example illustrates the key qualifications and experiences that can persuade employers you are the right candidate for improving the development of young children with special needs. Use this sample to guide you in highlighting your dedicated service and achievements in the field of early intervention.

Early Intervention Specialist Resume Example

Jane Appleby
1234 Maple Lane
Lakeview, TX 75001
(000) 987-6543
[email protected]


Passionate Early Intervention Specialist with over 8 years of expertise in supporting children to overcome early developmental challenges. Dedicated to collaborating with families and healthcare professionals to facilitate individualized plans that promote children’s success. Known for a warm, empathetic approach and a proven track record of advocating for children’s needs.

• Specializes in the assessment and support of children with developmental delays and disabilities.
• Experienced in coordinating with multidisciplinary teams to create and deliver personalized intervention strategies.
• Skilled in training parents and caregivers on strategies to support their children’s development at home.
• Adept at securing resources and support services for families, enhancing their ability to aid their children’s progress.

• Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP)
• Developmental Assessments
• Family-Centered Services
• Early Childhood Education
• Autism Spectrum Disorder Support
• Interdisciplinary Collaboration
• Program Development
• Behavioral Modification Strategies

• Facilitated early intervention services for over 200 families, significantly improving children’s developmental outcomes.
• Pioneered a parent empowerment program, increasing family participation in intervention processes by 40%.
• Collaborated with a local university to conduct a research study on developmental milestone tracking, published in the Journal of Early Intervention.
• Spearheaded a community-based initiative to raise awareness about early developmental challenges, reaching 1,000+ community members.


Early Intervention Specialist
Integrated Child Services, Lakeview, TX
7/2020 – Present
• Evaluate and monitor children’s developmental progress, updating intervention plans in response to assessment findings.
• Lead in-service training sessions for educators and caregivers on the latest early intervention techniques and resources.
• Advocate for children and families, ensuring access to necessary support services within the community.
• Spearhead a quarterly newsletter to inform families about new resources and success stories within the early intervention community.

Early Intervention Specialist
Family Support Network, Lakeview, TX
8/2018 – 7/2020
• Delivered direct intervention services including speech, occupational, and physical therapy within natural environments such as homes and schools.
• Provided guidance and emotional support to families, helping them navigate the complex world of special education and related services.
• Developed and executed workshops for parents, focusing on developmental milestones and at-home strategies for support.
• Collaborated with other professionals to ensure a holistic approach to each child’s developmental plan.

Early Intervention Assistant
Bright Beginnings, Lakeview, TX
9/2016 – 7/2018
• Assisted in conducting developmental screenings and evaluations, compiling comprehensive reports for the intervention team.
• Supported Early Intervention Specialists in the creation of IFSPs, ensuring individual needs of each child were met.
• Facilitated playgroups that encouraged social interaction and developmental play among children with varying abilities.
• Maintained meticulous records of family communications, sessions, and progress notes.

Master of Science in Child Development
Lakeview State University, Lakeview, TX

Bachelor of Arts in Special Education
Lakeview State University, Lakeview, TX