Early Intervention Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on: November 17, 2016


Work experience, research papers and projects, and technical skills – all go a long way in making your early intervention resume resume a powerful read.

Dividing your experiences in functions and describing each function in terms of experience and accomplishment may not always be possible, but try to channel your resume this way.

A standard resume sample that you can work on is provided below for your perusal.


Early Intervention Specialist Resume Sample


Mike Slander

8 Tandy Avenue | Somerset, KY 60021 | (000) 855-3620 | mikesanders @ email . com


Performance Summary

Early intervention professional with more than 12 years of experience in helping children at the earliest stages of educational or developmental difficulty, in a bid to prevent further delay. A pleasant and supportive individual who has an approachable and positive attitude. Excel in:

• Catering to the needs of infants, toddlers and young children with sensory and physical impairments
• Interacting with families and service providers to positively impact the development needs of children
• Providing direct services in a variety of settings, including homes, classrooms and center-based programs
• Conducting outreach / social marketing activities, and building strong relationships with community partners

Core Professional Competencies

• Community Presence • Outreach Programs
• Referral Services • Demographics Identification
• Special Education Laws • Developmental Disabilities Identification
• Client Education • Nutritional Support
• Counseling • Treatment Plans Building
• Support Groups Management • Language Pathology

• Successfully placed 14 special needs students in a standard classes as part of the community inclusion program
• Developed 12 support groups for clients with different physical and emotional limitations, as part of a community outreach program
• Wrote a book on the importance of early intervention, recently published by Penguin Books
• Introduced a referral program for clients enrolled in early intervention programs, which increased instances of cross program intervention


Early Intervention Specialist
Metrocare Services, Somerset, KY | 6/2011 – Present

• Identify problems with clients by assessing their problems and limitations through conference and interviews
• Develop treatment plans according to the specifics of clients’ problems and limitations
• Implement treatment plans and keep abreast of the efficacy of each module
• Conduct outreach programs to reach out to community providers in locating out of care clients
• Provide counseling, testing and referral services to assist clients in assessing their risks and becoming aware of their statuses

Early Intervention Specialist
City Care, Somerset, KY | 5/2008 – 6/2011

• Linked clients to medical services by actively scheduling appointments and following up with them to ensure the attendance
• Created and maintained updated client files
• Ensured that any significant changes in their behaviors were recorded and followed up on
• Assisted family members in addressing developmental and behavioral concerns of their children by interpreting test results and creating learning plans

Early Intervention Assistant
Best Health, Somerset, KY | 2/2004 – 5/2008

• Interviewed clients to determine their specific limitations and problems and logged all information correctly
• Provided education to clients’ family members in a bid to help them understand how early intervention can help
• Assessed clients, took notes and reported on developmental progress and limitations
• Created and maintained records of clients’ histories and demographics in a safe and confidential manner
• Assisted in creating intervention plans by providing specialists with information and feedback regarding their clients

Master’s Degree in Behavioral Sciences | 2002
Kentucky State University, Somerset, KY