Collections Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on: July 8, 2016


The majority of resumes that you see on the web reek of “ordinary”. This is because they are not written in a targeted manner. By targeted, we mean that each section in a resume must be written according to the specifics of the job description provided by the prospective employer.

When you target each section in a resume to the specific requirements of the employer, you automatically come up with a resume that is targeted. Here is one:


Collections Specialist Resume Sample


Reese Snipes

8 Good Neighbor Drive ● Tazewell, VA 46622 ● (000) 854-4125 ● reesesnipes @email .com


Professional Summary: Results-oriented and methodical Collections Specialist with 9+ years’ hands-on experience in following up on delinquent accounts to ensure timely delivery of payments. Documented success in reaching out to customers to provide them with information about outstanding payments. A strong communicator who deals with clients and coworkers in a polite and effective manner. Easy to reach with an inherent ability to listen intently to customers and provide them with solutions of their problems. Resolves the disposition of high risk accounts to arrive at agreeable plans for liquidation of account balances.


– Balance Tracking – Follow-up
– Account Adjustments – Collection Process Acceleration
– Reconciliations – Shutdown Reports Development
– Debt Write-offs Initiation – Collection Protocols
– Discrepancy Resolution – Short Payments Management
– Credit Memos Processing – Payments Tracking

• Introduced a novel follow-up process which increased customer payback probability by 50%
• Reduced the company’s delinquent accounts status by providing clients with easy monthly payment options to reduce their delinquency
• Created and implemented core collection procedures, resulting in increased probability of success of collection agents
• Decreased incidents of short payments, by setting up bi-monthly payment systems, encouraging clients to pay more in a month, without burdening them too much


Collections Specialist
Field Solutions, Tazewell, VA | 5/2011 – Present

• Create, develop and implement core collection policies aimed at reducing client delinquencies
• Isolate delinquent accounts and determine how much is owed to the company
• Create a list of delinquent accounts and assign sets to collections officers
• Assist collection officers by providing them training on how to contact and speak to clients
• Contact clients directly and provide them with updates on their accounts
• Listen intently to clients to determine their ability and willingness to pay and make corresponding notes

Collections Specialist
YTH Co, Tazewell, VA | 2/2008 – 5/2011

• Provided clients with information on how to handle paybacks, including monthly payments
• Followed-up with clients to ensure that they pay their monthly payments on time
• Maintained clients’ records by updating payment and account information
• Executed comprehensive collections strategy of both oral and written communication with clients who are past due
• Made calls to delinquent account holders and provided them with information on outstanding payments

Collections Officer
GEICO, Tazewell, VA | 3/2007 – 2 /2008

• Gauged if clients are willing to pay and create easy installment plans for them
• Followed-up with clients to ensure that their installment payments are made on time
• Created and submitted lists of past due clients who are unwilling to make payments
• Updated clients’ information (both paid and delinquent ones) in the client database on a regular basis

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting – 2005
Business School, Tazewell University, Tazewell, VA