Admissions Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on March 20, 2018

A roundup of several surveys suggests that employers do not look very kindly at standard cover letters for admissions specialist anymore.

They need something a little more than the usual mix of “I can do this” and “I have done that.” Merely saying it in a cover letter is not enough anymore. Sometimes, what works is a mix of a cover letter and a resume. How does that work?

Well, if you write in prose, you are writing a cover letter. And if you write in points, you are writing a resume. But if you amalgamate the two, you are mixing the two and creating a document that is a resume and a cover letter. But in no way does such a cover letter replace a resume – all it does is impress the reader manifold. And that is good enough.

Cover letters of the “resume” nature are a class apart. They spell out more than a regular cover letter can as they get the employer to focus on the qualities or accomplishments of the candidate entirely. It is a surefire way of putting your point across and making sure that you know are remembered. After all, how many people will be incorporating part of their resume into a cover letter? Not many!

However, you have to make sure that you do not copy and paste information from your resume. You can replicate it but copying anything word for word from your resume is killing the purpose.

The following cover letter sample for Admissions Specialist resume will guide you how to write your own.


Admissions Specialist Cover Letter Example


Justine Rock
325 First Street
Newnan, GA 80487
(000) 113-4323

March 20, 2018

Mr. William Oliver
Manager Human Resources
89 Rector Road
Newnan, GA 82930


Dear Mr. Oliver:

I was excited to see the announcement of the Admissions Specialist position, and believe I am an excellent candidate. Throughout my eight years’ professional employment in the areas of admissions and evaluation, I have been recognized as a person who can get the job done. I have developed a reputation for being enthusiastic, energetic and an accomplished administrative individual, with demonstrated expertise in handling admissions procedures from inception to the time they materialize into actual student experiences.

As you review my resume, you will determine that my qualifications exactly meet the requirements established by Startek for this position. Please refer to the following highlights of my qualifications:

• Adept at developing and coordinating program admissions services with the deep know-how of interpreting policies and establishing procedures for smooth implementation.

• Demonstrated expertise in reviewing transcripts and assisting students in developing correlating educational plans.

Realizing the need to integrate diversity into your office’s daily admissions procedures effectively, I have an array of solutions – and the means to know them. In an admissions specialist role with Startek, I have this and much more to offer to you.

To discuss this in detail, I would like to meet with you in person for which I will remain in touch with your office. If you need to contact me, please call me at (000) 113-4323.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.




Justine Rock

(Enc: Resume)