Software Engineer Cover Letter Sample

Updated on February 25, 2018

Overview and Guidelines

How do hiring managers decide who is telling the truth in a software engineer cover letter and who is merely exaggerating his abilities?

It is difficult to decipher, but seasoned employers have a sixth sense that tells them who is skilled and who is merely pretending to be.

It is all in writing. How you write your cover letter determines your level of truth.

If you cover letter for software engineer resume merely states that you are resourceful, dedicated, hardworking and passionate about your work, chances are that the writer is lying.

What is the trick?

The trick is to be articulate in what you have to say to the employer. If you are resourceful, mention a time your resourcefulness meant something positive to an employer or company. If you are passionate about something, relate an incident when your passion showed through increased profits or high customer satisfaction.

Mastering the art of cover letter writing is imperative if you want to write one that brings results. You can ramble on and on about your knowledge in a particular area – without supportive facts, it won’t mean much.

Look at the following sample of a cover letter for a software engineer position for ideas:


Software Engineer Cover Letter Example



858 White Street
Suamico, WI 91201

February 25, 2018

Mr. Brian Reed
Hiring Manager
Lost Creek Road
Suamico, WI 98745


Dear Mr. Reed:

Maximizing customer usability has always been the motivation behind my software engineering efforts. Having been responsible for creating and implementing a complex software system for Technological Saga, I have made a name for myself in software engineering. Please refer to the enclosed copy of Technologically Yours, featuring my interview.

As you will find out from the interview, I have been actively involved with a security agency where I was part of a team responsible for creating Unbreakable Security, a banking software that is insusceptible to external threats. It is my most significant achievement to date; however, I do not intend to stop here.

With my expert level of programming, design and analysis and experience in building automation and continuous integration tools, I am positive of my ability to be valuable to a high standard software company such as Intuit.

I will be in touch with your executive secretary to determine if a time slot can be managed for us to meet. If you would like to contact me before that, please feel free to do so at (000) 444-4444.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Terry Patterson

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