Pediatric RN Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 11, 2018

Pediatric RNs do no really specialize in pediatrics other than the on the job training that they acquire. They work alongside pediatricians and assist them with administering medication and handling young patients.

Pediatric RNs are also required to educate their patients and the families about procedures and medication. They are expected to maintain an environment conducive to healing and caring so that patients are at ease with their surroundings.

If you are a registered nurse looking for a position in the Pediatric field, the following cover letter for Pediatric RN Resume will help you write one of your own.


Pediatric RN Cover Letter Example



8714 Cox Mill Road Sanford, NC 78322 Cellular: (002) 222-2222 Email

September 11, 2018

Mr. Richard Gere
Manager HR
Sanford Children’s Hospital
392 Purviance Road
Sanford, NC 83993


Dear Mr. Gere:

With a BSN, six years of nursing experience, and a strong desire to take care of young adults, I would like to work a Pediatric RN at Sanford Children’s Hospital.

Handling children can be the easiest or the most challenging thing to do depending on how you are prepared for it. For me, managing them in a medical environment is a joy as I incorporate a lot of fun and stories while administering medication or during uncomfortable procedures. With my knowledge of working with different ethnic groups, I know just what kind of appropriate care needs to be given depending on the age and the culture that the patient belongs to. Additionally, my nursing skills are above par as I am always alert and can anticipate the needs of the physician and that of the patient and can provide nursing care accordingly.

My areas of expertise include:

✓ Ensuring compliance with standards of care and practice following established policies, procedures, and guidelines.
✓ Performing children’s physical exam, and taking health histories.
✓ Providing effective counseling and education.
✓ Administering medications, wound care, and personalized interventions.
✓ Actively recognizing adverse signs and symptoms and quickly reacting in emergency situations.

The attached resume is proof of my qualifications and interest in this regard. Please feel free to contact me if you need to know anything about my professional profile. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.



Joan Hunt

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