TV News Anchor Resume Sample

Updated on: September 17, 2018

Working as a TV news anchor seems like a glamorous job, but in actuality, it is a lot of hard work. His or her main work is to present news in a studio, but there is much that goes into this work so that one can actually “present” in a proper manner. Most TV news anchors make a lot of effort to acquire stories from different reporters and sources, and often have to develop stories so that they can be presented onscreen.

Resumes for TV News Anchor position are unacceptable if they are not structured properly. If you want to write a resume on a proper format, use the one provided below:


TV News Anchor Resume Example


Ross Hill
77 Fair Street, Dover, DE77823
(000) 999-9999 | [Email]


Resourceful, competent, and qualified TV news anchor, with over eight years of experience working for popular news channels. Highly skilled in developing news pieces, and appropriately presenting them on screen. Proven ability to confer with news directors and reporters to obtain daily briefings.

• Courageously managed the news desk for three days, following the absence of a co-host.
• Devised a novel system to handle breaking news, which focused on dynamically giving them a priority.
• Successfully conducted three back to back live sessions, as part of a marathon news presentation, during the elections.
• Responsible for bringing the Matt Hudson murder case to the masses, credited with being the first news anchor to develop the news.


– News Research – News Presentation – TV Commentary
– Guest Liaison – Correspondent Relations – Story Development
– Equipment Use – Guest Interviewing – News Investigation
– News Writing – Live Sessions – Timelines Preparation


TV News Anchor
TV ONE, Dover, DE 2015-present
• Create and maintain effective liaison with news directors and reporters to obtain information.
• Verify the origins of each provided news item, before further developing it for the screen.
• Build a strong network of resources to ensure that the TV channels stay a step ahead of its competitors.
• Pitch ideas to the news director, and provide information on implementation strategies required.
• Write scripts for headlines, and present full stories to the masses in an upbeat and clear fashion.
• Interview people while on air, to derive the required information from them regarding an issue or a news piece.
• Prepare and implement timelines for each news item, and ensure that all broadcasts are monitored for accuracy.
• Arrange interviews with people and agencies aiming to obtain information and data on news items.

TV News Anchor
Moon World, Dover, DE 2010-2015
• Assisted in coordinating news items for reporting and television anchors.
• Ensured that all news items that need to be read and presented are organized properly.
• Held up cue cards for presenters, and provided them with prompting assistance.
• Provided support during live sessions, by preparing guests, and fitting them with mics.
• Read content that needed to be aired, and highlighted issues such as grammar errors and data inconsistencies.

Delaware State University, Dover, DE – 2009
Master’s Degree in Journalism