Sample Resume for Work from Home Jobs

Updated: March 24, 2019

Working from home is a great way of earning a living from the comfort of your private space.

But, in order to get work that you can do at home, you have to write a resume to complement your skills and experience in this regard.



How to Write a Work From Home Resume?

  • Write what previous jobs you have held, while working from home.
  • Highlight what achievements you have which make you an excellent person to hire.
  • Same like any other resume, your skills, and past experience need to be shown.
  • Make sure that you are perceived as an individual who can work efficiently while sitting at home.




Here is a sample resume for when you want to apply for work from home jobs:


Sample Resume for Work From Home Jobs



Brie Peterson
120 Pink Drive, Wheeling, WV76398
(000) 999-9999


Publisher and writer, with 8+ years of experience of working on diverse writing projects. Highly skilled in writing new content, and providing feedback on areas such as syntax, sentence constructions, and mood. Ability to take directions via email and phone to get the things done.


Proofreading Editing Story Building
Research Blogs Handling Illustration Assistance
Keyword Search Content Promotion Website Updates
Source Establishment Idea Generation Short Story Writing

• Co-authored a book with an Italian writer, recently published by Cambridge Publishers.
• Wrote 3 mystery novels in 5 years, as a result, awarded the most prolific novelist of the year.
• Invented a unique research system, hence, decreased inaccuracies in obtained information by 65%.
• Held 30 storytelling sessions for children, increasing their interest in reading as opposed to using technology.


Content Writer (works from home)
Content Generators Inc., Wheeling, WV | 5/2014 – Present
• Obtain instructions for building content in accordance with specific projects.
• Check timelines and create writing plans accordingly.
• Research facts and fallacies related to subject matters.
• Write content for platforms such as websites and social media channels.
• Check content in order to ensure its flow and language.
• Make changes to written content so as to meet specified guidelines.
• Edit and proofread provided content for different channels.
• Ensure that no plagiarism is evident in any content.
• Assist in the design and development of illustrations for each content piece.

Proofreader (worked from home)
SEO Gurus Inc., Wheeling, WV | 2/2009 – 5/2014
• Read provided content in order to ensure proper grammar and flow.
• Changed content where required.
• Checked metrics such as syntax and sentence construction.
• Researched facts and made changes if required.
• Shaped writing material in order for it to be considered well-placed.

Bachelor’s Degree in Publishing
West Virginia State University, Wheeling, WV – 2009

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